5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Wellness Retreat

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Location is key – it’s the first step to allow you to decompress and help keep your mind stress-free. REVĪVŌ, which means “I’ll live again” is located in the breezy hills of Nusa Dua, Bali surrounded with dense tropical rainforest. The minute you step foot you feel like you are at one with nature (with the echo of croaking frogs beaming through your meditative bliss). What’s better is that Bali is only a short distance away from Hong Kong, getting there won’t cost a fortune, and you remain within the same time-zone so no body clock adjustment needed (check, check check!)

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Wellness Programmes

Before signing up for this type of getaway you need to assess and be realistic about what your goals are and whether or not what’s offered is of interest to you. Personalisation and duration is crucial, as there is never a ‘one size fits all’. We were extremely impressed by the programs on offer atREVĪVŌ, specifically the high degree of flexibility (and we aren’t talking only in the yoga room).

Curated from experts in the field, the retreats can range from 3-14 days and options include; Detox and Organic Weight Loss, Sleep Well, Destress & Relax amongst others. Fitness is a key component of REVĪVŌ’s programmes where the resort has 8,000 square meters of a hybrid fitness area that includes a yoga barn, a martial arts hall, a reformer Pilates studio and much more! There is an activity for everyone with a perfect balance between intensive HIIT sessions and more gentle activities such as Aerial yoga, Qi Gong and meditation. Nothing beats hitting their spa for a relaxing massage (or two) after a good work out.

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Living in the cramped city of Hong Kong where space is a luxury, the comfort of a roomy, good quality accommodation is priceless. Villa-style living is ideal allowing you ample space and privacy as opposed to being cooped up in a conventional hotel room. REVĪVŌ offers 16 Balinese style suites with baths and outdoor showers, terraces and even private pools. There are two 4-bedroom villas that can be booked out as well for bigger getaways – time to start planning that girls trip!

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Clean Eating

Eating healthy is something we all strive to do, but let’s face it, how often do we cave into our late-night pizza or kebab cravings after a night out?! GUILTY! A good quality wellness retreat will ensure that their meal programme has just as much thought behind it as everything else. We were extremely impressed by REVĪVŌ’s meals designed by renowned creative nutritionist, Chef Aliwalu. All ingredients used came from local organic farms with a focus on making the dishes high in protein with a balanced amount of healthy fats, low-carb and gluten free! Amazing what a couple of days of food with ZERO preservatives, additives, refined or processed ingredients can do to you (bikini body here we come!).

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Price Point

Finding the right price point for a wellness retreat is always challenging as there is so much out there. It’s important to find a good quality wellness resort to ensure you are getting the best ‘bang for your buck’. Rates at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort start at USD$326 per night ++ which includes breakfast and airport transfers or USD$698 per person per night  ++ for an all inclusive package which includes three meals, one spa treatment and up to three fitness activities. What makes a wellness getaway extremely special is the emphasis on healing the body holistically. The experiences are transformative with special attention to mind training and creating self-awareness that allows you to sustain that feeling of well-being and deal with stress better in your daily life.

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