29 August, 2013

squarestreet – a super stylish treasure trove in Sheung Wan

29 August, 2013

squarestreet hong kong dcg

Let’s face it – guys can be hard to buy for. Every year, when my better half’s birthday, then our anniversary, then Christmas rolls around, I am left wandering the stores for weeks in search of not only the perfect gift, but also something new that I haven’t already bought him! Over the years, I’ve covered all the great guy gifts – monogrammed bathrobes, crystal decanters, Dopp kits, leather slippers, money clips, desk sets, speakers… the list goes on! – so imagine my relief when I discovered squarestreet, an independent local boutique tucked away behind Man Mo Temple on (you guessed it!) Square Street. This hidden gem is your perfect one-stop-shop to stock up on gifts for all the men in your life – and, yes, I’ll show you some cute goodies for ladies too!

squarestreet was founded by two Swedes in Hong Kong, David Ericsson and Alexis Holm; each had been working on their own brands (VOID watches and gram footwear respectively) when they decided to join forces and create a showroom-slash-office-slash-design-workspace where they could design and sell their products. Along they way, they attracted a myriad of other cool brands to stock alongside squarestreet’s own designs, and all the products found in squarestreet are sleek, simple, and locally designed and sourced, making them perfect for us savvy Hong Kong shoppers!

squarestreet hong kong leather goods

Upon entering the store, I was immediately drawn to their leather goods, which would easily satisfy both men and women alike! For the boys, this full leather briefcase is the perfect size for laptop hauling; if you’re looking for something smaller, these neck pouches and sleek iPhone holders would do the trick. There are also some cool crafty wallets that are fashioned from just one piece of folded leather, meaning there is no stitching to ever come undone! Girls, check out this chic two-button Any Day bag, which works for stashing keys and cash when on the go.

squarestreet hong kong watches

If you are looking for a man-cessory for your guy, then look no further! squarestreet offers a great range of watches and some super sleek cufflinks; VOID, their in-house brand, boasts designs that are crisp, classic and will stand the test of time (pun intended!). After trying on all of these beauties and deciding that they were perfect for lads and ladies alike, my favourites were the Extra Normal watches. The numbers are actually hidden under a disc with a little window that moves around, displaying the hidden numeral for the corresponding hour!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for subtle flash, snap up these aluminum cufflinks that come in a range of colours – they’re sure to snazz up any old suit and tie.

squarestreet hong kong jewellery

Ladies, don’t be jealous – there are a few sparkly bits for you too. I loved the steel rings that featured squarestreet’s signature X and V motif (the Roman numerals for their address!), but if rings aren’t your thing, then maybe the matching earrings or necklaces tickle your fancy?

squarestreet hong kong shoes

Now,  I don’t know a girl who doesn’t enjoy shoe shopping! Here you can gift-get for the guy and sneak a sassy slip-on for yourself as well. The range of styles and prints are wonderfully refreshing to the HK scene and I loved how all of the shoes are named after their weight in grams (thank goodness clothing isn’t)!

squarestreet hong kong other

I also fell in love with the prints by Emilie Sarnel, a French illustrator and graphic designer who now resides in Hong Kong. In fact, I’m already planning which one will soon be hanging on my walls! Plus squarestreet even has an in-house pup – the uber-cute Ren! Who could resist these puppy dog eyes, eh?!

squarestreet is a total treasure trove of simply perfect gifting options (and some sneaky self-gifting too!). Prices are pretty reasonable for the quality and uniqueness of the goods – around $350-500 for smaller accessories, $600-1500 for shoes and leather bags, and $1200-2000 for watches – and I love that it’s all locally sourced too. I can’t wait to pop by squarestreet again and see what cool goods these suave Swedes come up with next!

squarestreet, 15 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2362 1086


Photos by Sabrina Sikora Photography

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