21 February, 2014
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Shop Talk: Liquor & Liqueur

21 February, 2014

When the tipple behind the till at 711 simply won’t suffice, where’s a girl to turn to for something a little more sweet and subtle? At Sassy, we like to head to Liquor & Liqueur, a concept store on Wellington Street above snazzy speakeasy bar 001! With a focus on premium spirits, this is a Hong Kong hot spot where the city’s best bartenders go to stock up on select spirits and worldly whiskies.

Liquor & Liqueur - Exterior - 4What’s in store!
Fancy some premium gin with a hint of honey? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Feeling like some platinum patron? They’ve got it in stock!  And if you want what Lady Gaga’s having – that’ll be a whiskey straight up – then you’re in luck, because whiskey is what Liquor & Liqueur do best. From Japan to Scotland all the way to the US and beyond, the wall-to-wall bottles of hooch quell the cravings of Hong Kong whiskey experts when they get a bad case of the thirst!
Emily - headshot - 1Who owns it!
Emily Chiang launched Liquor & Liqueur 5 years ago when she moved to Hong Kong. She’s originally from Taiwan but a native New Yorker at heart and can teach you a thing or two about the difference between a single malt and double Scotch!

liquor&liquerwhiskyWhy we love it!
Not only is whiskey low carb and fat-free, but there are over 5,000 types of single-malt whiskey, and let’s face it ladies – they’re not going to try themselves! Liquor & Liqueur have the most exhaustive selection of whiskey in Hong Kong and a trial tasting area to boot.

What’s on Sassy’s shopping list!
Our personal favourite is the floral Japanese Hibiki, it doesn’t come on too strong and it’s packaged up perfectly too! If you’re picking up a present for the guy in your life check out the Eagle Rare 10 Year Old American Bourbon, it really packs a punch!

liquor&liquerglasses2Where is it!
You’ll find this hidden gem at 97 Wellington Street in Central, or if you’re feeling a bit lazy, just check out their online store… the selection is enormous, and if they don’t have what you’re looking for don’t fret – they’ll source it for you as best they can. Now that’s what we call service!

Liquor & Liqueur  97 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong 2810 0026 


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