3 February, 2012
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Hong Kong Fashion Geek Photo Hunt: get snapping!

3 February, 2012

Still feeling sluggish after that Chinese New Year weekend – and the inevitable overeating that goes with it? Well, how does over HKD $20,000 worth of fashion and style prizes strike you as incentive to get up off that sofa?!

Our good friends at Hong Kong Fashion Geek are having a fantastic competition to see in the Year of the Dragon… and it certainly sounds a more fun way of getting active than going to the gym! Their annual HK Fashion Geek Photo Hunt kicks off on the 6 February as part of this year’s Social Media Week – and it’s kind of like the fashionista equivalent of The Amazing Race!

Starting from 6 February, the Geeks will be releasing a series of clues on their website, which you then have to figure out, hunt down and take pictures of in shops all around Hong Kong. You have until 14 February to track them down and email the photos to the Geeks – and the person who gets the most (correct!) photos wins. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to have a bit of a sneaky shopping spree while you’re at it… what with all that hunting, you’ve earned it, right?!

There’s over $20,000 worth of prizes to be won for first, second and third place, from sponsors including Sassy faves Shanghai Tang, Lane Crawford, Harbour City, Clarisonic, Jack Wills, Flaunt Boutique, Ops! Objects, Alexa & Todd and many many more.

Get more info and check the rules on Hong Kong Fashion Geek here… but in the meantime, grab your running shoes, get your camera ready and happy hunting!


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