3 July, 2014
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Fu Lu Shou – A hip Chinese eatery on Hollywood Road

3 July, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Fu Lu Shou, then listen up, because this little place is Hong Kong’s hot spot for summer! A self-proclaimed casual Chinese bar and eatery, Fu Lu Shou has seen flocks of Hong Kong’s movers and shakers hitting its terrace in the past couple of months. Their gentle soft opening has meant that they’ve perfected the flow of the service and are used to managing a rush of customers in their small space. A clever move! The staff couldn’t be more welcoming and accommodating, especially owner Ping, whose friendly nature and regular involvement in the entire goings on of the restaurant prove the commitment they have to the place.


If you don’t know where Fu Lu Shou is, it can be a bit of challenge to find. Tucked away up an old building on Hollywood Road, the small, dodgy lift that takes you up to this rooftop space couldn’t be more different from the place inside. As the lift doors opened you’re greet by three statues of the Chinese gods that Fu Lu Shou is named after and walking in you can already feel the buzzing atmosphere. We stopped by with some of our fabulous Sassy contributors to check it out…


With a small bar and interior space, Fu Lu Shou is a cosy little place to come for a casual dinner with friends. The quirky design touches definitely give this casual resto a cool edge that will keep you coming back! We loved the ‘Eat Drink and Prosper’ wall mural, which adds a pop of colour and reflects the tongue-in-cheek nature of the restaurant. Another aspect that I have to mention is the Mah Jong tiled bar surface, which embodies Fu Lu Shou’s fun take on Chinese culture.


Outside, the terrace offers a relaxing space to lounge al fresco, complete with swinging chairs, comfy sofas and a commissioned street art work covering the main wall. This is the ideal spot to spend those summer evenings sipping on cocktails and catching up with friends, away from the hubbub of Soho, which is why we chose to have our Sassy meet up here! And sip on cocktails we did, ordering a range of delicious drinks.


Our Sassy favourite has to be the signature ‘Joh San’ cocktail – an incredible, refreshing cocktail with a seriously spicy kick, with flavours reminiscent of Tom Yum! It’s also worth noting that they serve up some mean mocktails here too, so non-alchies will be left feeling happy as well.

Apart from the cocktails, the food centres on the idea of traditional Chinese food… that you get outside of China. That’s right; think Sweet and Sour Pork, Kung Pow Chicken, Chicken Chow Mein and other not-quite-authentic Chinese dishes that are reminiscent of takeaways in the UK, Australia and the US. If you’ve ever lived in these countries and had ‘Chinese’ food there, then you’ll definitely be filled with nostalgia when you taste these dishes…


We were lucky enough to try a range of different things, but we began with the starter platter. The platter included standard veggie spring rolls, classic prawn toast and an epic-sized ‘siu mai’, the ‘Big Arsed Steamed Dim Sum’. This was not the siu mai that I knew and loved though, it was an enormous ball of yummy meat – great for sharing… wash it down with a beer and it’s the ultimate comfort food!


When ordering, be warned that portions are generous here! The Kung Pao chicken is served on a big plate (very take-away style!) and has that sticky, delicious sauce and a scattering of fiery chillis. This was definitely one of our favourite dishes, with the kick of heat and the tender chicken; our chopsticks just kept on diving in for more.


Another dish that you have to try is The Boss’s honey prawns. These crispy, deep-friend shrimps are the ultimate indulgence, especially with the crunchy cracker noodles underneath… delicious.


A plate of Fu Lu Shou Fried Rice with Chinese sausage finished us off – the perfect filling end to a comforting dinner. I loved the sweetness of the sausage mixed into the familiar fried rice dish. Another dish to note is the lettuce cups and for the veggies, the tofu was crispy and delicious!


Overall, Fu Lu Shou is the ideal place for if you’re looking for a relaxed yet funky setting where you can chill out and enjoy good drinks with comfort food. The food is all cooked fresh, so even though you might be wary of the ‘take-away’ style Chinese, it is actually extremely satisfying and the best quality version of that ‘style’ of food you can get! It’s not Michelin-star fancy food, but it’s not trying to be – and that’s what we love about it! Understated but still cool, Fu Lu Shou is definitely the place to check out this summer. We hope it continues to be a success and us Sassy girls will be sure to stop off for a cocktail or two again soon! Just remember to get there early to enjoy the al fresco rooftop and do not forget to order the Joh San cocktail!

Fu Lu Shou, 7/F, 31 Hollywood Road, Soho, Central, Hong Kong, 2336 8812, www.facebook.com/FuLuShouHK


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