22 March, 2023
cryo hong kong review cryotherapy centre wellness 4
cryo hong kong review cryotherapy centre wellness 4
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What’s Whole-Body Cryotherapy? We Tested °CRYO Hong Kong’s Ice-Cold Treatment To Find Out

22 March, 2023
cryo hong kong review cryotherapy centre wellness 4 scoop

We paid a visit to new wellness centre °CRYO Hong Kong and trialled the city’s only fully-immersive cryotherapy chamber and other cutting-edge science-backed treatments.

Inspired by nature and redefined with scientific research and high-tech equipment, °CRYO Hong Kong works to heal and help you and your body. The wellness centre touts itself as the ultimate professional partner in your wellness, muscle recovery and pain management journey — no matter what your goals may be, from rehabilitation after surgery (like this editor!) to improving physical performance, relieving body pain, reducing fatigue and more. We tested out three innovative treatments — including sub-zero cryotheraphy — to see for ourselves…

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What Makes °CRYO Hong Kong Different?

°CRYO specialises in cryotherapy — a cold therapy treatment based on localised or full-body use of intense cold for short bursts of time. It reduces your body’s surface temperature to 4°C, boosting blood circulation and helping your metabolic and caloric burn rate.

Powerful and non-invasive, cryotherapy has garnered impressive results for performance, recovery, beauty and more. And °CRYO Hong Kong is the first and only fully-immersive cryotherapy chamber in the city that can safely reach -140°C temperatures — and in under five minutes, giving you plenty of time for a session during your lunch hour.

We were welcomed into an inviting space high up in One Chinachem Central, with ceiling-to-floor windows that overlook the city, providing a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of below. There were a few nerves trying out such innovative treatments, but the airy and sleek interiors were calming rather than intimidating. We also made note of the aesthetically-pleasing neon signage accompanying the cryotherapy chamber — very Hong Kong!

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Before The Treatment

My visit started by filling out an incredibly comprehensive form that let me note down my intended goals and any conditions (like infections and injuries) and former treatments that could interfere with or impact my experience (like microblading, laser hair removal, tattoos and piercings and so on). I was particularly concerned about skin allergies, as I suffer from chronic urticaria, but the manager assured me that as long as my condition wasn’t cold-triggered, the sub-zero temperature would actually be fine!

Alongside full-body cryotherapy, °CRYO Hong Kong offers localised cryotherapy and °CRYO facials, deep cleansing and pore-refining HydraFacials, facials in collaboration with cult favourite skincare brand SkinCeuticals (including brightening, customisable, and anti-glycation varieties), slimming, cellulite-targetted and muscle-toning treatments, compression therapy, red-light therapy, an infrared dry sauna and more.

cryo hong kong review cryotherapy centre wellness 3

The Signature Full-Body Cryotherapy Treatment

Once sorted out, I was given a soft and cosy bra and short co-ord and long thigh-high socks, and the choice between a beanie or ear muffs to protect the sensitive top part of my ear, plus moon boots and long gloves. I also made sure to remove my nose ring.

The fully-immersive chamber is definitely intimidating at first glance but feels bigger than it appears once you step inside. The door is just a simple push to open and is never locked. I trialled the “first-time” option, a two-minute guided session at -121°C. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel too cold! I moved a little bit to pass the time, and found the helpful energetic voiceover really put me at ease. My eyes are quite sensitive, so I simply closed them and covered them with my gloved hands.

cryo hong kong review cryotherapy centre wellness red light therapy

Red Light Therapy

This is a non-invasive full-chamber treatment that exposes your body to red and near-infrared light to relieve pain, repair muscle tissue and accelerate recovery. In particular, clients have reported back improvement with conditions like arthritis and even their eyesight! It also stimulates collagen production.

The light is completely safe but super bright, so I closed my eyes and used the dark glasses provided for comfort. The chamber doesn’t close fully and is easy to push open should you wish. It didn’t feel claustrophobic, which was my major concern! This treatment was quite calming, not too hot or warm, especially after the cold treatment.

cryo hong kong review cryotherapy centre wellness hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Perhaps the most interesting treatment, you head inside a chamber with a nasal cannula device that saturates your body with oxygen. This therapy promotes body healing, helping it to repair skin cells, regenerate new tissue, increase blood flow and improve circulation — strengthening your body from the inside out. It also helps you maintain mental sharpness and fight infection.

°CRYO Hong Kong has the only hard-cover oxygen chamber in the city! Spacious and roomy, it’s fitted with two seats so you can opt to do the therapy with a friend. You’re allowed to wear your regular clothes and even bring in electronic devices like your phone or laptop.

Final Thoughts

My most-anticipated treatment was the signature cryotherapy, as I had knee surgery over a year ago and am still in the process of rehabilitating it. Known for accelerating muscle recovery and relieving pain, as well as reducing stress and fatigue and improving sleep, the sub-zero temperature therapy was an enjoyable experience that was very soothing for my knee joint. You’d have to book a couple of sessions for full results, but overall I’d say it’s energising, stress-relieving and great for muscle pain.

Sassy Tip: Not sure where to start? A °CRYO Pass ($880) gives you access to a two-minute Whole Body Cryotherapy Trial, a 15-minute Red Light Therapy session and 10 minutes of Localised Cryotherapy. Scared to commit? A two-minute Whole Body Cryotherapy Trial is just $450!

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°CRYO Hong Kong, 18/F, One Chinachem Central, 22 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 2117 9618, Facebook: °CRYO Hong Kong, Instagram: @cryohongkong, www.cryo.com/hk

Brought to you in partnership with °CRYO Hong Kong.

Images courtesy of °CRYO Hong Kong and Sassy Media Group.

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