16 April, 2013

Braologie – your route to perfectly fitting underwear!

16 April, 2013

OK ladies, today we’re talking bras! Yep those lacy racy little numbers you buy to perk yourself up (in more ways than one). We all know how tricky it can be to purchase a good bra in Hong Kong… and that many of us are a little more well endowed than the shops here would like to cater for! So with that in mind, many of us just plod along, doing the morning dive into our top drawer to fish out any old bra, even if it’s the wrong size or type.

If you’ve had a temporary memory lapse as to the whereabouts of your last well-fitted decent-looking bra, I’ve found the perfect answer to your cleavage woes – new Hong Kong company, Braologie, who help you find the perfect fit and provide you with the underwear essentials to make that happen!

I’ll admit I’ve never had a bra fitting before and the idea of having one was a little intimidating. I needn’t have worried – the lovely Braologie girls made me feel completely comfortable. The company has over 30 years experience online and, to make things even easier for on-the-go girls like us, they’ve even started ‘door to door’ fittings right here in the ‘Kong! Yep – they’ll come right to your home or office and the whole thing takes less than half hour.

AND what an eye opener it was!

Who knew that wearing the wrong bra size could cause stooping, slouched shoulders, saggier breasts, and even back pain? Girls, we are carrying heavy loads and all that weight means gravity is just not on our side. I’ve also discovered that in the wrong bra, breast tissue migrates! Yes, north, south, east and west… to places you definitely do not want your girls to be!

After giving me the once-over in my comfy bra of choice, it was clear that I had it all wrong. Never fear, Tallia had me in the right bra in no time. My shoulders were instantly pulled back, my stomach pulled in, and my boobs… well, let’s just say they were sitting where they should be without any migration in sight! (See Braologie’s before and after pics above for proof!)

All of Braologie’s bras are engineered to hold and support you in the ideal position, (which, surprise, surprise, is not down at your knees!). As well as normal bras in various fabrics, there are all sorts of exciting pieces to improve your overall body shape, such as posture-contour camisoles, mini vests and pants, to an all-in-one body suit (which I couldn’t wait to get on there and then!).

While they initially feel a little awkward (a straightjacket springs to mind!), they improve your posture significantly and definitely enhance the old body shape.

Who knew you could boost your boobs, slim your thighs, tame your tummy and lift your booty in one fell swoop? Cheers to that, girls!

Oh, and speaking of swooping… the girls at Braologie will show you the “scoop and swoop” technique which puts your girls in their place. They even leave you with a cheat sheet to make sure you wear your fabulous new body-improving undergarments correctly.  And while your bust gets a boost, your budget won’t go bust; the door-to-door consultation is free and you just pay for the underwear you wish to purchase.

In addition to their door-to-door consultation service, they also offer a fitting space in Causeway bay (by appointment only, email [email protected] to schedule a booking or SMS/Whatsapp at 5500 3094) or you can shop online if you are a bit shy and do not have the time in your schedule for a fitting. For more information, visit their website at www.braologie.com/hk; you can also communicate with them via Skype, Live Chat and Twitter. Technology these days!

So here’s to the new, improved and sassier you – non-migrating boobs firmly in place, of course!


Nicole was a newsreader and journalist with Sky News Australia for a decade, and has now swapped the news desk and microphone for a change table and nappy bag! She is now enjoying casual work as a journalist, presenter, master of ceremonies and media trainer. Check out her blog http://mintmochamusings.com/, follow Nicole on Twitter @nicoledwebb or email her at [email protected].

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