22 October, 2013
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Aberdeen Street – a new neighbourhood hangout

22 October, 2013

Tucked away up Aberdeen Street is a cosy new little restaurant called… Aberdeen Street! For those of you who even dare to ask where this place is located… well, let’s just say you probably should get out more!

Having walked up from Central after a looong week at work, Aberdeen Street is the perfect sanctuary. The outdoor terrace area is fabulously relaxing – dim lighting, a gentle fall breeze and the sounds of laughter from children playing in the playground across the road make this just the way to wind down from work. I would have been super happy sipping on a glass of wine outdoors, but for the sake of lighting for our foodie pics, I nabbed a seat indoors.

aberdeen street hong kong prawns

The menu here is pretty wide-ranging, so Rach and I picked a few things to kick off our Friday night meal – starting with the spicy curried shrimp. Even though the texture definitely gave these prawns away as being from frozen, I have to say the flavours were fabulously rich and spicy, leaving me with tingly sensation on my tongue.

aberdeen street hong kong salad

One thing you must order at Aberdeen Street is one of their many, many salads – all named after streets in Soho! Whether your fave Soho hangout is Staunton, Stanley or Peel, it’s all in there for you to munch away at! We chose the ever-buzzing Elgin Street with a generous mix of bacon, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, red peppers and leafy greens. We were impressed at the hefty size of our portion and made mental notes to return for lunch one day, whilst the winning combination of goat cheese on crispy toast was a hit – I only wish there had been more of those to satisfy our craving!

As a “palate cleanser” in between our meal, I got a taste of the Veggie Pot cocktail. I’m definitely not a fan of veggies in my beverages and the name wasn’t exactly working it for me, but surprisingly, this veggie concoction tasted refreshing, and dare I say, healthily alcoholic? The mix of veggies was actually quite yummy – so for those who want their alcohol and have vague desires to feel health-conscious too, this is just the thing for you!

aberdeen street hong kong mussels

We were recommnded the Moules Marinière but alas, there wasn’t much special about this dish; a lot of the mussels actually remained untouched as they hadn’t opened during cooking (better safe than sorry!). The best thing about this dish was actually the side of fried potatoes that came with it, which we dipped uncontrollably into the salty, garlicy Marinière soup.

aberdeen street hong kong dessert

Dessert time called for two of the daily options – the first being a huge crème brûlée. We awarded it an A+ for the brûlée top, which cracked beautifully once I hit my spoon on it. The crème itself was smooth and had that lovely light vanilla flavor – and mixing in both the brûlée top with the smooth crème gives you one heck of a textured bite!

Our second dessert was the chocolate mousse, which I have to say was not the most aesthetically pleasing but ended up being the dessert that I couldn’t stop sticking my spoon into. It was perfectly chocolatey, ooey-gooey-rich, dense and entirely sinful. Yum yum yum!

For a small venue like Aberdeen Street, I loved their big portions which were total value for money (huuuuge salads at only $158 each!); for the brunchaholics out there, if you need some place new to catch up with the girls this weekend, do check out Aberdeen Street’s Drunch (love the name!) for a boozy brunch on the chilled terrace. Aberdeen Street is a great place to just hang out in the middle of this concrete jungle, so for a laidback afternoon or night out, why not give it a try?

Aberdeen Street UG/F., King Ho Building, 41-49 Aberdeen Street Central
2546 5833 www.aberdeenstreet.com.hk

closed Mondays

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