14 March, 2013

OMG! massage parlour – cosy massages in Central

14 March, 2013

Some days, you want nothing more than a nice quiet place to sit and relax in… and if a foot and body acupressure is included, who am I to say no?!

As soon as I stepped inside the door of OMG! massage parlour (it stands for ‘Oh Massage Genius!’ since you ask!), I was whisked into one of their private rooms. Since it is HK, space is definitely a rarity but OMG! made the most out of theirs, leaving me with the feeling of cosiness rather than claustrophobia. Unlike some of the more ‘local’ spas around town, they also use only the most high quality products (think Aesop in the bathroom!).

After I’d changed into one of their super comfy t-shirts, I settled in with a cup of tea and a gossip mag. First up was a reflexology foot massage… but can I just take a moment to gush over their massage chair?! It’s the most comfortable chair I have ever been in and I wanted to take it home! Alas, the therapists wouldn’t let me but the massage itself was great and I could feel my feet sighing happily as I settled into my chair.

Next up was the full body acupressure. Of course, I am notorious for squirming during massages (see my treatment at MTM Spa for further evidence!), but I had full confidence that the masseuse would be able to work around my writhing. I am a little embarrassed to report that she had to hold me down for some parts of the massage though!

My therapist definitely knew what she was doing and was willing to work with me on the pressure intensity, rather than treat me like a piece of meat. I’m personally not the biggest fan of acupressure – I guess I’m just not as healthy and stress-free as I should be, and pain just feels like pain to me!

Unfortunately, it does get a tad cold in OMG!’s rooms and you don’t get that much say in the temperature since it’s controlled by central air conditioning. You do get an electric blanket when you’re on the massage table though, to keep you nicely warm and toasty!

With their convenient Central location, cosy environment and affordable prices, it’s all too easy to book yourself in for a sneaky R&R session at OMG! So take an hour off work, sit back, relax and let those knots get worked out!

SASSY DISCOUNT: The first 100 people who book a massage get $50 off the usual price – just mention “SASSY” when you make your booking.

The reflexology foot massage costs $228 for 50 minutes; the body acupressure costs $318 for 50 minutes.

OMG! Massage Parlour  1A, Eubank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong
2522 2033  www.facebook.com/…


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