16 December, 2016
team sassy hong kong
team sassy hong kong
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Work for Sassy Hong Kong: We’re Hiring a Senior Editor!

16 December, 2016
team sassy hong kong

Why You Want To Work at Sassy (Trust Me!)


It’s with difficulty that I write this, as I am very sadly saying goodbye to Sassy Media Group. I’ve been at Sassy Hong Kong for three years, but with a new opportunity on the horizon, I had to make the hard decision to leave. A lot can happen in three years, and I’ve been fortunate enough to grow and learn so much from my time here. I can honestly say that this past year has been the best year I’ve had at Sassy, and I am seriously going to miss it! Why? Here are just five of the many reasons…

1. The people make the place.

As cliche as it sounds, the team at Sassy Hong Kong HQ are seriously great and have definitely enhanced my working life. I can’t emphasize enough what an asset it is having such a supportive team that is so welcoming, inclusive, fun and yet still so hardworking. Everyone works together to share successes, solve problems and constantly think of new ways to improve. It’s going to be hard not to see them everyday, but I know I’ll still be part of the Sassy community and I’m so proud of the team that’s been built.

2. The working environment.

Since Sassy HQ moved down the road to Garage Society in Sheung Wan, our working environment has been unbeatable. If you’ve not been to this awesome co-working space, then you should definitely pop over for one of the many useful and informative events that the Garage Team hosts throughout the year. The spacious terrace is the perfect place to work if you need some fresh air or a change of scenery from an office desk, and the community vibe (I will really miss those Gong Show Happy Hours and the Peroni tap!) and entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring. It’s given us a huge creative boost moving to Garage and I would recommend it to any small business or entrepreneur.

3. Flexibility.

I have never taken for granted the flexibility we have at Sassy. Full time hours are from 9-6pm, but there is an option to work remotely/from home once a week. The team is also totally understanding and this sense of trust and respect for completing work on time is something I’ve always treasured. Having the flexibility to figure out how you can be most productive makes you learn a bit about yourself too, and I’ve also found it’s been great for my personal well being.

4. Experiences.

Are you a gym bunny that’s obsessed with all things fitness, or a fashion fiend that’s always on the look out for the latest trends? Whatever your interests are, there’s always room at Sassy for everyone to get involved in really cool experiences. We are so lucky to get invited to awesome events and it’s the ideal job if you love meeting interesting people from different industries! You’ll get to know all the latest and greatest new businesses starting up in the city and you’ll be able to try out new things and have some unforgettable experiences.

5. Community.

So this ties into the first reason, but I genuinely feel like we have a little Sassy community not just here in HK, but worldwide! We were lucky enough to have a few staff members from Singapore and Dubai over in Hong Kong this year, and we had such a great time working together and planning for next year. It’s so interesting to get insights from the other countries and how they are doing things, and to know that they are there for support too! This year, Sassy Hong Kong has also started hosting monthly ‘Sassy Social’ evenings, so the team can get to know each other outside of the office. We’re also sharing expert info with each other with our new ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions; our most recent one was hosted by the Design team with tips on how to take better photos. It’s all about sharing knowledge and learning from each other.

Bonus reason… if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you will not be disappointed by the number of goodies we are treated to pretty regularly. Donuts one day, macarons the next… don’t doubt you’ll always have something sweet to snack on at Sassy HQ. Say goodbye to that diet.

If you’re experienced in editorial and like the sound of working at Sassy, check out the job description – good luck!

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