28 February, 2017
woman in a suit
woman in a suit
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Sassy Supports: Suits for Success

28 February, 2017
woman in a suit

Empowering Young Working Professionals In Hong Kong


Our clothes play an integral role in the way we feel about ourselves. We’re in them day in and day out, and there’s no question that when we look our best, we feel good too. Whether it be a sexy cocktail dress that pairs perfectly with killer heels, a pair of jeans that accentuates our curves in all of the right places, or our go-to power house outfit (that one that closes that business deal and makes us feel like a total #girlboss while doing so), what we wear needs to inspire confidence, right?

Now imagine attending an interview where you’re already nervous and not feeling great about your appearance. Applying for a job is stressful enough without the added pressure of fitting in to Hong Kong’s ever-growing (and expensive) style scene. So, with this in mind, Suits for Success is giving underprivileged young adults a leg up in the business world

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suits for success donation

What is Suits for Success?

Founded in 2014 by Women in Finance Asia, Suits for Success was born out of a passion for the great work that Project Share Hong Kong continues to do with youths and local communities in Hong Kong .

Their first campaign stemmed from inviting international companies across a whole range of corporate industries to donate unwanted or unused items of professional clothing that could then be bought for minimal and affordable prices by those in need. The first event was extremely successful, with over 400 bags of clothing donated and 65 young adults given new opportunities, paving the way for clothing drives to come.

clothing drive

What do they do?

By collecting donations, Suits for Success is able to give young men and women across Hong Kong access to affordable business attire so that they may attend interviews, apply for internships and enter in to the working world self-assured and with confidence.

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How can you help?

Donate! If you have any professional clothing that you’d be happy to part with drop them off at any of the collection points (Pure Fitness, Pure Yoga, Metta (LKF) or Eaton House on Garden Road) between Wednesday, 1 March – Thursday, 9 March. Or if you’re able to donate your time as well as your attire, get in touch at [email protected]m to enquire about volunteering opportunities, how your company can get help and meet the charities involved in the campaign.


Featured image sourced via Pinterest, all other images sourced via Suits for Succes

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