8 February, 2012
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The Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine’s!

8 February, 2012

Whether you’re on the prowl or happily single, loathe the idea of Valentine’s Day or your boyfriend lives overseas, there’s no reason to pout come the 14th of February. There’s plenty to do in Hong Kong (or not do for that matter!) so that you don’t just sit around your flat crying about being single and alone. Not that you’d do that anyway, right?!

First step, find a friend (or ten).

Step two, choose an activity that you love to do:


Whether you’re scouring Groupon for a cake baking class, making reservations at a private kitchen or picking up the recipe to a gourmet meal at Secret Ingredient, food is the way to everyone’s heart. Even better, invite your girlfriends to join in on a progressive dinner: entrées at one flat, mains at another, desserts at house three and wine fest at yours.


What better way to let out that pent up aggression than to go to kick-boxing? Don’t feel like sweating? Relax at your favorite yoga studio or take a breezy night hike around the many trails of Hong Kong.


Okay, so there’s no need to drown your sorrows a la Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places,” but all girls need the chance to dish on their loves lives (or lack thereof) on Valentine’s Day, so hop over to Cicada or Shelley’s Yard just off the escalator for a cosmo or two with your gal pals.

    Find the man of your dreams!

Head to Shore in Central from 5pm onwards where Lovestruck.com is hosting a singles’ mixer. With happy hour drink specials, yummy food on the menu and plenty of attractive men in attendance, there’s no better way to spend the day of love than with the potential new love of your life.

    Get dolled up!

…For a night on the town, a night in with reruns of CSI or any of the rest of the activities on this list! Whether it’s a pedicure with your besties, a solo massage, or getting lash extensions before meeting up with your coworkers for dinner, the better you look, the better you’ll feel. Who needs a man to tell you that you’re beautiful, when the mirror clearly proves it?

    Karaoke your blues away!

You might be single, but you still gotta love jumping up on the couches of your favorite karaoke bar, mic in hand, belting out the tunes to “I’ll Always Love You” (even if you did promise yourself that you won’t always love Mr. Wrong, it doesn’t hurt to pretend for 4 minutes and 35 seconds). Our Sassy pick is the Shower Karaoke Lounge – classy décor, nice rooms for groups and no sticky floors!

    Host your own party!

Download a season of “Real Housewives of [insert city of your choice here]” or bust out the board games, you and your friends can forget Cupid and remember to laugh. And just because Cupid’s arrow didn’t hit you this year, doesn’t mean you aren’t loved. Have your friends make Valentines for each guest just to remind each other how great you really are.

I told a wise friend that because of my “single status”, I was deemed the most appropriate Sassy blogger to write this article and this very clever friend told me, “Well, what do single girls do every other day of the year?” Touché, my friend, touché. Why does Valentine’s Day have to be any different than say, January 13 or September 27? Do what you do every Tuesday… yoga, stay at work late, grade papers, or catch up on your Challenge: Battle of the Exes (or other guilty pleasure tv of your choice!) episodes.

But if you must, close the blinds, turn on your mini-heater, snuggle up with your fleece blanket and grab a box of tissues. Love Actually is calling your name.

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