25 August, 2014
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Sassy’s Guide to Feng Shui!

25 August, 2014

You’ve probably heard all about Feng Shui and nodded your head acting like you’re an expert, when you actually know nothing about it. Hopefully this basic guide to the ancient Chinese art will help you out next time the topic crops up in conversation! The phrase Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shway”) is a basic term for a literal meaning of ‘wind’ and ‘water’, and is used to describe the ancient study of Chinese metaphysics. It’s best known as a method for arranging your furniture for balanced luck and better energy, but that’s actually only a small component of the art.

Metaphysics is the science of how we understand the world. It includes existence, objects and their properties, space, time, cause and effect, and possibility. Within metaphysics there are two central branches called ontology and cosmology, both of which investigate our origin, fundamental structures, nature and dynamics of our universe. Feng Shui includes everything that represents our entire universe; it allows us to understand more of who we are, and where we are. So in reality Feng Shui helps us to deal with our environments to bring in better things for the world. For example it teaches us how to take care of nature to improve our own health. This in turn can help understand how our environment and surroundings affect us in our everyday lives. It can be complicated so I’ve listed some basic tips below!




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1. Balanced Lighting – not everyone thinks it’s important, but it’s essential to have the right lighting in your environment as it helps your emotional health. Keep it semi-warm and make sure the colour of the lights isn’t too pale, too white or too yellow. Choose a shade in between to boost your mood!

2. Balanced Nature – Nature is incredibly important to our health and wellbeing. This is one of the reasons why oceans and mountains are such important topics in feng shui education programmes. Living in a busy city such as Hong Kong means it can be easier to lose touch with nature, so make sure you take a break from this bustling metropolis and head to the nearest park for some fresh air, or visit one of the many beaches we have (our top five are here). Why not spend some extra time doing some good and taking care of the nature around us? Recycle, clean beaches and live a greener lifestyle which will not only help the planet but will make you feel good too!

3. Colour Matters – I’m not sure if everyone has seen the movie Pleasant Ville, but it’s pretty boring to live in only black and white! Colour is everything and it’s important to use the right colours in your life. Choosing what colour you wear, what colour your bedroom wall is, and what colours you are constantly forced to look at during work hours can have a big impact on your life. That’s why it’s important to choose colours that make you comfortable and happy!

4. Avoid Pollution – You’re probably thinking “how can we avoid pollution in Hong Kong, its everywhere!”, but what you may not know is that there are many types of pollution in Feng Shui. It can be in the air, in our water and it can also be in the form of sounds and shapes. Beware of your surroundings, as noise pollution can be devastating for us mentally and physically! Try to avoid constant construction and traffic… another excuse to escape to the quieter beaches or country parks of HK!

5. Positioning – This is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui study. It’s extremely important to pick a good position for yourself and your home. For example, choosing a home where certain areas get the most sunlight can contribute to the Feng Shui, and the location of where you live can also affect it. It even comes down to which side of the mountain you live on and the direction you face.




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2014 was off to a pretty bad start, and by now we’ve probably had enough of the constant bad news from around the world. In the Feng Shui study, 2014 is a very intense year, as it’s a fire filled year (it’s actually a wood and fire year, which means it’s extra fiery!). But how can we balance all the intensity out?

1. Use calmer colours such as pale yellow and light blue to balance out all the fire this year… minimise the intensity in the air!


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2. Flowers in the centre of your home, such as yellow lilies, pink lilies and red roses are great for boosting your relationship luck! Or if you’re looking for some academic or career luck, place plants in the centre of your home.

3. Use the south side of your home more! Spend time reading there or taking naps (we all need some extra shut eye!). This is because our cosmos is giving off the best vibes in this corner. You may also place more red items, such as any red home decor, in this area as this will help boost luck in general.

4. Place more clay bowls or clay vases in the west side of your home, this will help to boost your overall personal power and authority at work.

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