13 May, 2011

Redress – Clear out your wardrobes for a cause

13 May, 2011

Hands up if you have way more clothes then you actually wear on a regular basis? I am pretty confident that a very good majority of us have clothes that just sit in closets and drawers and pretty much never see the light of day yet for some odd reason we still hold onto them. It could be that we are clinging to the fact that maybe someday we will fit into the items once again, they hold sentimental value of some sort or we really and truly believe we may at one point in our lives wear the item that was purchased 2 years ago yet it has never ever been worn.

When you think about it, it is kind of ridiculous to hold onto these things and when we do realize that our old clothes need to leave the nest and find new homes it is sometimes hard to find places to donate them. Well, girls one Hong Kong charity is making it a bit easier to let go of your old items…

Redress HK is asking for your help on a very important project that they are working on. They are asking for you to donate your old clothes to raise public and industry awareness about the 253 tonnes of textile and clothing waste that enters Hong Kong’s landfills on a daily basis in 2009.  After the clothes are collected local fashion designers will create 2 x deconstructed showpiece looks (made from 70% reconstructed pre-worn clothing and 30% of materials/textiles of their choice) and the designs may even incorporate some of the items that you donate which is pretty cool. The final pieces from each designer will be previewed in a VIP fashion show called “Forever Better with Miele, by Redress” which will be held on Thursday 16 June. Keep reading for how to donate and be invited to the show!

Donation Drop off details
When: Monday 16 May and Tuesday 17 May
Where: MIX, Shop 11, 3 Queens Road Central (right by the main HSBC building)
Time: 9:00am-10:30am
Look for: Petra from Redress
How to get invited to the VIP show: Donate a large bag (at least 10-12 pieces) and you will have the opportunity to be invited to the Redress VIP show. Petra will enter you into the draw when you drop off your items and notify you if you have won an invite.

Be sure to also check out the other activities that are going on to promote this project!
– Public exhibition at the Star Ferry from 16th-22nd June, 2011. This includes a video installation repeating the fashion show set against a large ‘mountain’ of used clothing.
– An installation inside Harvey Nichols Central store of the fashion show pieces from 23 June (approx.) for 2 weeks
– A limited edition retail collection of reconstructed clothing from Harvey Nichols from 23 June (approx.) for 2 weeks

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