20 July, 2010
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Modern Toilet Restaurant

20 July, 2010

UPDATE: Modern Toilet Restaurant is now closed.

Guest blogger Kylene Wu loves to discover the more, umm…. quirky cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong! She has previously told us about her favourite Cat Cafe, and now she’s sharing her experiences of Modern Toilet Restaurant!

I’m not too sure what kind of person would be excited to go to a toilet themed restaurant (yes you heard me, toilet themed) but apparently I’m one of them. And you know what? It’s nothing like you would expect. First of all, it’s not gross. Really. Second, it’s totally fun!

Everyone to whom I mentioned the restaurant to had the same reaction, they laughed at me. So I dragged my somewhat reluctant family to the Modern Toilet Restaurant for dinner one day. The Modern Toilet Restaurant’s concept and setting is totally toilet inspired obviously. Drainage pipes for lights, toilet bowls for seats, showerheads for wall décor, basins for tables etc. you name it, they have it.

I know, it sounds awesome already. And I have not even started on the dishes! We ordered stuff like Lasagna in a bathtub* and Ramen in a mini toilet* among others. The best part? Poop ice cream* (very authentically served in a squat toilet too)!

My sister and I sharing Poop ice cream for dessert! Notice the pipe lighting beside us!

Overall, the food was good and the atmosphere was fun because everyone in the restaurant was just having a good time laughing at this and that and photographing everything! Plus it’s cool to sit there and wait as each drink or dish is served and you discover something interesting about it!

Sure, the Modern Toilet Restaurant is not for everyone but if you’re up for fun, this place is great for some laughs. Go for it all, drinks, meal and dessert. [Hint: You don’t have to eat the ice cream in chocolate flavour if you’re squeamish, I believe it comes in a mixed flavour of vanilla and chocolate too. Enjoy!]

*Note: All names of dishes were made up by me.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

4/F Capitol Centre, 5-19 Jardines Crescent, Causeway Bay 2895 6288

3/F, MPM, 240-244 Portland Street, Mongkok, 2308 1166

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