18 June, 2010
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Blue Smoke – BBQ in LKF

18 June, 2010

UPDATE: Blue Smoke BBQ is now closed. It has been replaced by Mayta; check out our review of that here!

A couple of Friday’s ago I happily found myself waiting for a table at Blue Smoke. You see, at the beginning of the evening I totally thought that BBQ ribs and yummy mac and cheese would not be crossing my lips as I called to make a reservation the day before and wasn’t quite happy with the reservation times I was given (either a very early 6:30 or a kind of late 9:30). Instead I figured we would play it by ear and have a drink at my apartment before venturing off to some restaurant in Soho. We could not get Blue Smoke out of our mind so we decided to take a walk down to LKF and chance getting a table around 8:45. Our mouths immediately started to water when we were told it was a one drink wait!

The whole vibe of Blue Smoke is very chill and rustic and as soon as you enter you feel relaxed and at ease which is exactly the feeling you want to have on a Friday night after work. There is nothing pretentious about the place and being from the States it was a nice reminder of some of the BBQ places I used to frequent back in NYC. The setting is a combination of tables and booths and since there were four of us we got lucky and were sat in a booth which was quite nice.

Now onto the important stuff…the food. The ribs were very good. We got a combination of the dry rub and the Blue Smoke BBQ sauce partnered with regular fries and sweet potato fries. Our table voted the regular fries as the better of the two. I am a huge fan of pulled pork sandwiches so I ordered that and I have to say I was a bit disappointed as I prefer it to be a little more on the dry side and it had a bit too much BBQ sauce for me. The hands down winner in my opinion was the crispy mac and cheese. I am pretty sure one bite of it contains your fat quota for the day but it is definitely a must try – just do an extra 5 minutes or so on the treadmill the next day to make yourself feel better!

The only downside I do have is that the food came way to fast. While I realize that the ribs have to be pre-cooked I would have preferred if they waited just a little bit longer instead of bringing the food right after our order was taken. This is a benefit for those who are starving but as we had appetizers at the apartment before we could have used a bit more of a wait instead of digging right in.

I will definitely go to Blue Smoke again and am already thinking it may be added into my regular dining out rotation as the comfort food is just too good!

Blue Smoke
3/F Grand Progress Building
15 Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

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