25 October, 2010

Angel Card Reading at Shakti Healing Circle

25 October, 2010

Last week I found myself searching for some deeper truth. I had been invited to try a session with Shakti Healing Circle’s Angel Card Reader Gini and being a total newbie to this sort of thing I had no idea what to expect. For those of you who may not be familiar with Shakti Healing Circle, they are a centre on Wellington Street that takes a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing asย well as your emotional and spiritual growth.

Shakti offers many services from Energy Healing, Coaching & Counselling, Yoga & Meditation and therapies such as the Angel Card reading that I experienced. An Angel Card Reading really helps you have a clear picture of what is going on in your life and Gini, Shakti’s resident Angel Reader, will help show you the many different paths that you can take by connecting with your own protective angels that guard you throughout your life.

Being that this was my very first reading I went into it a bit naive to the whole process. I knew that I probably would be asked to share any burning questions I wanted the answer to so I came prepared with a few things that I hoped Gini could help me with (as much as I wanted to I left the superficial questions such as “Will I ever have a closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s” at home!). When I arrived Gini welcomed me into the card reading room which was set up with a table and two chairs. The feeling of the room was very warm and comforting and I immediately felt at ease and curiosity of what was to come filled up inside of me.

After Gini introduced herself she set out 4 decks of cards which were decorated in different colours and represented different angels. After she asked me to reveal one of my questions she asked me to select a deck that would be used throughout the session. I observed the decks and chose the one I felt the most connection with which happened to be the purple deck (most likely because it is one of my favourite colours). Once the deck was picked Gini asked me to select three cards from the deck which will be used as a way to help her guide me through the reading. I selected my three cards and she set them out in the table before me. The cards I chose were:ย Innocence, Hope and Daydream.

From there Gini started to connect to the angels around me and through that she interpreted each card and explained how the card related to my question and what the angels were telling her about my question. It really was amazing how some points she hit dead on without any probing from me and once I realized this the questions kept flowing out of me as I wanted to soak in the information she was telling me about my own life and what I need to be aware of or what I need to focus more on.

While it is great to know how many kids I may have one day or where I may eventually settle down in this world what really amazed me is how the reading made me shift priorities in my life. It is like Gini knew the things that I wasn’t giving the time and attention to and she kindly and with amazing advice put me back on track. That to me was invaluable and I felt that after the reading I had an hour long conversation with the most helpful and gentle friend. She made it easy for me to ask questions and she channeled the angels and her own experiences to help lead me on a new energized path.

Now, I know many of you may not be totally sold on the idea of an Angel Card Reading and I was like you too but after the reading and seeing the impact that it has had on my outlook to life and those around me I am thrilled I was able to do a trial. I will be following Gini’s reading very closely and am excited to see if some of the things she saw for me (ex: potentially a budding children’s fashion designer!) really do have some sort of connection in my life.

Testimonials for me are such a great way to learn more about an experience and there is a great one on Shakti’s site about Gini’s Angel Card Services that would be helpful to read if you are interested in learning more.

For more information on Angel Card Readings contact Shakti at 2521 5099 or info@shaktihealingcircle.com

Shakti Healing Circle, 3/F, Waga Commercial Centre, 99 Wellington Street, Central, 2521 5099

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