14 April, 2015
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Wellington Wednesdays – a classic beef dish at The Butchers Club Deli

14 April, 2015

Hong Kong’s kings of the steak, The Butchers Club, have added a new concept dinner to their weekly roundup. Now in addition to ‘T-Bone Tuesday’, ‘Undercut Friday’ and ‘Surf n’ Turf Saturday’ you can get your fill at ‘Wellington Wednesdays’, an old school night of classic favourites. Having never tried beef Wellington before (shock, I know! But I’m American, and that dish did not make it onto the Mayflower), I jumped at the chance to try this menu.


‘Oh my god where am I?’ No seriously, that was my first impression. I’ve never been to The Butchers Club in Aberdeen, and the restaurant is covertly located in an industrial building. Once you’ve found the building, the search continues when you step out of the lift, as the Butchers Club shares a space with two other shops, Editus – a luxury lifestyle store for men, and Casa Capriz, a vintage furniture and design shop. When you reach the The Butchers Club Deli though, you’ll realise the hunt was completely worth it. The space has an industrial feel with a touch of quirkiness (the wall-mounted buffalo head wearing a baseball cap is adorable). I loved the open kitchen (it’s always nice to see your meal getting prepped!) and the thick butchers block tables made of old wine boxes.


This menu is a four-course meal that is not for the faint of heart. This is for the food warriors… and those amongst us who love a great doggie bag. The first plate is a simple but outrageously good chicken liver pate. The pate is served with a sweet port jelly sauce and a perfectly poached egg – ideal for dipping your wee rye toast soldiers in. Make sure to get a little bit of everything in each bite!

Up next is the Lobster Thermidor, a vintage classic that unjustly went out of style. This little wonder has a flavourful creamy sauce that complements the sweetness of the lobster. Speaking of which, that lobster was the best I’ve had in the city so far: fresh, tender and sweet – and I’m from a lobster fishing town, so this is a big compliment! If you need to cut the richness a bit, it’s served with a little wedge of lime and a delicate sprinkling of watercress and seaweed… got to get those greens in somehow, right?

Despite my crippling fullness, I powered on through the main course like a champion. The beef Wellington was absolutely massive, easily three inches thick. The pastry was buttery and flakey and not soggy in the least. The beef was, as you’d expect from The Butchers Club, pink, juicy and oh-so tender! All of their beef comes from their own herd in Australia and is dry-aged right in Hong Kong, meaning the quality is some of the best you will find. The truffle and foie gras sauce – that’s right, sauce (#edgy) – was slightly spicy, which I wasn’t expecting, but it added a dynamic flavour to the dish. It comes with roasted vegetables and pommes duchesse (baked mounds of creamy mashed potatoes). But come on, ‘butcher’, is in the name… no one is here for the veggies!

I don’t usually like fruit based desserts. There is a time for fruit, and it’s not during dessert. But this homemade Black Forest gateau broke my heart. It was a vision topped with whipped cream and a light dusting of cocoa (and of course it was massive), but I could barely make a dent. As I said, this menu is not for the faint of appetite, and I let myself down.

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I have to admit, when I first walked in I was a bit intimidated by the very masculine vibe, but the staff could not have been sweeter or more welcoming. As I was the first to arrive, one of the waiters gave me a mini tour and even showed me the roof area, where The Butchers Club holds private parties and their monthly Southside Market – a foodie’s dream – the first Sunday of each month. Throughout the meal the staff were able to describe each dish, and often where the ingredients were sourced. They were attentive, but not too attentive (I’m looking at you, America!) and had wonderful banter, which always pairs well with a big meal.


This place is pricey, no doubt about it, but if you have the money, hell yes you should check it out. The ingredients were fresh, the meat was unbeatable and the atmosphere is completely unique. The shared space works perfectly, enhancing the artisanal, boutique feel. I mean, where else can you get a great steak and awesome furniture in one go? It’s the future of shopping! The space is also really easy to transform, making it ideal for big events. I love that the clothing racks are easily rolled away so you can take up the whole floor if you need to.

So, to conclude – ladies, if you come for this meal, come in loose trousers and come to win. This is not your typical dinner out. This is a personal challenge, between woman and beef. No – this is an epicurean marathon of meat; and my god I hope you’re up for it.

The Wellington Wednesday menu is $700 per person. Check out our review of The Butchers Club here. Mention ‘Sassy’ when you book in for Wellington Wednesdays for 10% off. This offer is valid until the week of Saturday, 30 May.

The Butchers Club Deli, 16 F, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, 2884 0768, www.butchersclub.com.hk/deli



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