Top Art Events Happening in Hong Kong This July

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‘Over the Influence’ is presenting Supreme méme, an exhibition of new and selected works by French street artist, Auguirre Shwarz, aka Zevs (pronounced Zeus). One of the most prominent figures of the contemporary street art scene, Zevs is best known for his signature “liquidation” technique– deforming and disfiguring iconic and highly-recognisable logos to question the power of brands and corporations.

This exhibition is Shwarz’s first in Hong Kong after his 2009 arrest in the city for painting a liquidated Chanel logo on the side of the Giorgio Armani flagship store in Central in an effort to reflect a “battle of the brands”. ‘Over the Influence’ will feature a selection of original paintings and sculptures that explore and criticise the recent collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme and the compulsive desire of consumers to obtain cult products.

When: Tuesday, 6 July – Saturday, 4 August; Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 7pm
Where: Over the Influence, 1/F, 159-163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
How much: Free admission.

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Feast your eyes on forty intricate Turkish ceramic works at the Contemporary Blue-and-White exhibition at HKU, which features ceramics crafted by award-winning Turkish potters, Mehmet Gürsoy, who was recognised as a UNESCO Living Human Treasure in 2010, and Nida Olçar, the daughter of Sıtkı Olçar, who received the same prestigious award in 2008.

The works are a showcase of İznik pottery which blends contemporary design elements with tradition. First made in 15th-century Istanbul, where Chinese blue-and-white porcelain was greatly valued, İznik pottery combines traditional Ottoman arabesque patterns with Chinese motifs. Today, Gürsoy’s and Olçar’s works remain true to tradition by creating works inspired by cultural exchanges between the Ottoman empire and China during the Ming dynasty.

When: Friday, 1 June – Sunday 19 August; Monday to Saturday 9:30am – 6pm, Sunday 1pm – 6pm
Where: University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong, 90 Bonham Road, Hong Kong
How much: Free admission.

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Explore personal identity with pop-artist, Billy Apple at the Billy Apple®Six Decades 1962–2018 exhibition at Rossi & Rossi. Apple, who has collaborated with the likes of Andy Warhol, had his transformative moment when he bleached his hair and changed his name from Barrie Bates to Billy Apple, reinventing himself as an artistic brand. This moment was documented in the photographic self-portrait Billy Apple Bleaching with Lady Clairol Instant Crème Whip, which is on display at the exhibit.

Other works on display explore identity and the rebranding of a person, including a suite of works resulting from an art-science experiment known as The Immortalisation of Billy Apple®. A collaboration with biochemist, Dr. Craig Hilton, the experiment involves depositing Apple’s living somatic cells in the American Type Culture Collection in Virginia, US, where they will be kept forever for scientific research.

When: Saturday, 9 June – Friday, 27 July; Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 6pm
Where: Rossi & Rossi, 3C Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fat Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
How much: Free admission.

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The private Liang Yi Museum takes great pride in its fine collection of antiques, and its upcoming exhibition will not disappoint. The biggest exhibition ever dedicated to scholarly objects, the Wenfang exhibition will feature over 200 classic Chinese scholarly objects from the Ming and Qing dynasties, some of which have never been displayed to the public.

From finely-carved wooden Dragon and Phoenix chests to ornate brush pots with turquoise accents and mother-of-pearl inlay, these daily objects are more akin to works of art. Immerse yourself in the world of ancient Chinese scholars and discover the lives they would have led in their studios, or wenfang.

When: Wednesday, 11 July – Friday, 31 August; Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm, Closed on Sunday, Monday, and public holidays
Where: Liang Yi Museum, 181-199 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
How much: $200 includes a guided tour. Appointments are required. Wednesdays are open free of charge to full-time students with prior arrangement. Call 2806 8280 or email to make an appointment.

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Hong Kong curator, Christina Li has put together a selection of works for Dismantling the Scaffold at Hong Kong’s newest artsy hotspot, Tai Kwun. The selection, which features works from local and international artists including Ulay / Marina Abramović, is centred around the theme of “scaffold”, and aims to dismantle and explore different social structures through art.

The exhibit consists of quite a few fun and interactive pieces. Check out Killing 3000, a piece that reimagines a scene from Stephen Chow’s film “From Beijing with Love”, and the 3-metre tall installation that lets you look over the entire space.

When: Saturday, 9 June – Wednesday, 15 August; 11am – 7pm
Where: Tai Kwun Contemporary, Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
How much: Free admission.

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Nylonkong Dreams is the first solo exhibition by Pascale Marthine Tayou in Hong Kong. Tayou, an installation artist of Cameroon descent, first came to prominence for his participation in Documenta 11 in 2002 and the Venice Biennale in 2009.

Nylonkong is an abbreviation that refers to the three leading financial centres of the world, New York, London, and Hong Kong. For Tayou, “Nylonkong Dreams is intended to delve into the flesh of earth of men and to seek a common gene that binds all of us.” The exhibition takes on the form of “a garden of confrontation of the past and the future” and questions the very essence of human fate. For this exhibition, Tayou incorporates art objects from the past and juxtaposes them with locally-sourced industrial materials to create a panoramic vision across the entire space.

When: Friday, 18 May – Saturday, 7 July; 10am – 7pm
Where: Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong, 601-605 Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central
How much: Free admission.

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Featuring the works of over a hundred of designers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, Japan, Korea, the Hanzi Exhibition at PMQ will inspire even the most jaded typographers. The exhibit showcases modern interpretations of Chinese script and also explores its changes, development, and future.

When: Thursday, 21 June – Tuesday, 10 July; 10am – 8pm
Where: QUBE, 2/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
How much: Free admission.

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