14 January, 2014
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La Vache! – steak, steak & more steak

14 January, 2014


For the steak-lovers out there, you’ve probably already beat us to the latest restaurant in town, La Vache! (the latest venture from Black Sheep Restaurants, the folks behind Chom Chom, Motorino and Boqueria). And a quick heads up to the vegetarians out there – this restaurant will definitely not be your thing… come here and all you’re gonna get is steak, steak and steak!

La Vache! Front Door (1)

In this day and age where there are endless options for anything and everything, it’s nice to just have a break and not have to think about anything except for what’s put right in front of you. The only thing on the menu at La Vache is steak, so all you have to do is let your waiter know how you want your steak cooked. Bleu, rare, medium, well done and all the choices in between – once chosen, you’ll be set for the night!

La Vache! Interior (4)

La Vache is tucked away in a basement up Peel Street in Central, with some oh-so-on-trend neon signage alerting you to its presence. Once inside, we fell in love with the simple Parisian bistro-style decor, with its red-check tablecloths, cosy leather banquettes and uber cute sketches of French city life adorning the walls.


The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into La Vache is that irresistible smell of just-coming-out-of-bubbly-oil French fries… who can say no to that, eh?! But don’t worry too much just yet, because the first part of your meal is a simple salad; it was nothing too fancy and could have done with a bit more dressing, but was definitely a healthy counter balance of what was to come.


Our rib eye steak then arrived on a platter – half of it was served immediately onto our plates, while the remaining sat on a platter heated by a tealight candle. The steak was juicy and flavourful and came with a creamy Bearnaise sauce and a huge portion of hot fries – thin and crispy, just the way I like it!


After our manly meal of steak and frites, we definitely indulged in our girlie need for desserts! If you decide to opt for pudding, you can take one pick from La Vache’s fit-to-burst dessert cart… but of course, Rach and I tried a few more bites to give you the full lowdown! We started with the classic French dessert tarte tatin but sadly, La Vache’s version was ridiculously sweet; Rach and I both had one bite and called it a day immediately.


Since the tarte tatin definitely wasn’t our thing, thank goodness for the other desserts to rely on for our end of meal high! The profiteroles were wonderfully crunchy on the outside with luscious vanilla cream on the inside.


Rach’s favourite was the millefeuille – layer upon layer of flaky pastry with a few generous layers of caramel and cream spread thickly in between. My pick of the night was the Paris brest – a swirling mound of hazelnut deliciousness and choux pastry just sweet enough to end the night!

So if you’re ever in the mood for steak – this is the place to go. Just come, sit and get your steak fix! A meal at La Vache will only set you back at $258 per person, with an optional add-on cost for those in need of a dessert sweet rush after steak. Considering how packed La Vache was during our visit, be sure to call early to secure your steak dinner!

La Vache!  G/F, 48 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong
2880 0248 


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