11 May, 2010
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Yoga Aid Challenge – 16 May

11 May, 2010

The Asia Yoga Conference starts this Friday and one of the highlights will be the Yoga Aid Challenge Charity Event. Yoga Aid is the official charity of the Conference and it was set up by two yogis who wanted to raise funds for charity and share the joys of yoga around the world.

The event is complimentary and is scheduled from 1:30-3:30pm. The 2 hour class will be led by 12 leading yoga teachers and they will lead attendees through 108 Sun Salutations! If you want to do more then support the cause via the practice you can sign up online and create a charity fundraising page. All proceeds that are made from donations will go to 1 of 3 charities (Africa Yoga Project, India Heritage Research Foundation, 4 Oneworld) and any funds specifically donated through your name will go directly to the charity you selected. Currently the Yoga Aid Challenge is held in many countries around the world and the below pictures are a sneak peak of what to expect on Sunday at the Hong Kong Convention Centre.




I think there is something so powerful about practicing in a large room with people who are all supporting a common cause and while a 2 hour yoga class and 108 sun salutations may be a bit ambitious for a Sunday afternoon I am very much looking forward to attending this event (this means a very low key Saturday evening for me!). It would be fantastic to see you there but if you can’t make it and still want to support the cause I have set up a fundraising page of my own and all proceeds that I raise will go to the Africa Yoga Project.

Yoga Aid Challenge
Sunday 16 May
Hong Kong Convention Centre

Oh, and a couple more things… if you do decide to go make sure you get there early to reserve your space and bring your own yoga mat!

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