5 Artists to Check Out at the 10th Annual Asia Contemporary Art Show

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"Pink Bubble," Simon Maarouf, Syria

Pop culture junkies should delight in Syrian artist Simon Maarouf’s works. Drawing much of his inspiration from iconic figures (think Marilyn Monroe), his work is easily recognised by a dynamic use of contrasting colours and shapes, as well as distinctive faces, subjects and figures. We were mesmerised!

Two M Art Gallery, UAE – Room 4304

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"Taboo Love," Fawaaz Sukri, Malaysia

Take a trip with Fawwaz Sukri back to the 1960s era of romantic comics. Sukri presents tragic affairs in comical forms in a Pop art style. The concept behind his work is the struggle in society in relation to gender. What’s really cool about his work is he presents a chain of events that lead up to a main event occurring in the “big picture.”

Nadine Fine Art, Malasia – Room 4018

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"Life Is An Obstacle Race," Yoonkyung Kim, South Korea

We love a playful and whimsical artist, and Yoonkyung Kim’s works fit the bill. She takes ordinary and mundane events and allows us to see the beauty in the quotidian. She uses bold, chromatic simplicity in her compositions. We couldn’t stop looking at her vision of extraordinarily ordinary life.

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"Beauty," Zhang Hui, China

We HK gals are all about blending East and West, which is why we found Zhang Hui’s paintings so provocative and interesting. Drawing inspiration from Master Lin Fengmian (who was a pioneer of modern Chinese painting), Hui uses sinuous lines and bright colours (love!) to depict his female figures.

You can tell he spent some time in Japan as well, because his female portraits are layered with exoticness and sensuality often found in traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings.

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"Lost Memories" Felipe Cardeña, Spain/Italy

Whoa. We could not stop checking this one out! Full of energy and seemingly frantic, Cardeña’s collage is one you will want to look at again and again. (Why is she holding a little lamb? Is it because she’s Mary?Based on floral patterns that are derived from sacred themes, his works produce an exaggerated effect, much like a crazy, undecipherable puzzle.

He overlaps shapes of flowers and fruit that have been cut out of gardening magazines to form a single installation. Even he calls it a kaleidoscopic fluorescence of psychedelia. (Like we said, whoa!)

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All the details

When: HK Liquor Night is Saturday, 18 March, 5pm to 9pm, serving specially created cocktails made with Edgerton’s Blue Spice and Original Pink Gins (with over 1,800 other products on their website!)


Show hours:
Saturday, 18 March, 12pm to 9pm
Sunday, 19 March, 12pm to 8pm
Monday, 20 March, 12pm to 6pm

Where: Conrad Hotel, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

How much: $220 (2-for-1 tickets), comes with complimentary drink tickets. Click here to buy your tickets.


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