9 February, 2011

What to get your boy for Valentine’s Day

9 February, 2011

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we’re rounding up some easy ideas for gifts for him so that you’re not caught unprepared when he whips out those return-trip tickets to Koh Samui… Even if you think a grand gesture isn’t on the cards, you’ll need something in your back pocket to justify throwing a little strop if he forgets altogether!

1. A gift voucher for The Mandarin Barber is our classic go-to gift for a guy – they love the (acceptably macho) opportunity to be pampered and the old school trad environment.

2. Tickets for the Janet Jackson concert on Valentine’s Day itself. Can you believe there are still tickets available for this?! He might think it’s a little girly to begin with, but once you get him there I bet he’ll be grooving along with everyone else.

3. A private golf lesson at City Links Golf Lounge in the Centrium (HK900). Not terribly romantic, but probably much appreciated.

4. If your guy isn’t into golf, you can bet he’ll get a kick out of a saucy little gift from Showtime Lingerie on Shelley Street just by the escalator. Owner Stephanie will help you pick out just the thing and coax you out of any shyness with her no-nonsense manner!

5. If the idea of popping into Showtime leaves you hot and bothered, maybe you’re more into exchanging dignified little wrapped packages across the dinner table at Caprice. Cufflinks from Shanghai Tang will do the trick and you’ll find something to fit almost any boy’s style.

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