Planning a Honeymoon? These Trending Spots are at the Top of Our List

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Cape Winelands, South Africa

Best for: Wine and foodie lovers

The Cape Winelands region is a superb alternative to more traditional wine areas in Europe. Consider renting a car from Cape Town (or hiring a taxi or driver if you’re likely to feel the wooze from the booze!) and explore the bucolic region. You’ll come across one charming town after another, and leave feeling completely relaxed. Don’t miss beautiful Stellenbosch and Franschhoek – two favourites of ours. There are a ton of world-class estates that offer wine tastings at tantalising prices and they are all situated on gorgeous grounds that you can linger and laze around on. You can stay overnight at many of the estates where you’ll have completely luxe experiences, but there are also lovely bed and breakfasts at lower prices. Of course, you’ll want wonderful meals to pair with the stellar wines and you won’t be disappointed as the region offers some of the best cuisine to be found!

Sassy Tip: With so many vineyard and estate options, do some research before going to see which places offer the wines you are most interested in. Book for the tastings in advance!

Fly to: Cape Town
Flight time: 15 hours
Best time of year to go: March to May when the weather is in a sweet spot and prices begin to dip.

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Jaipur, India

Best for: Couples looking to experience a city with royal flair

This is an unforgettable destination brimming with alluring culture. Aptly named the ‘Pink City,’ because many buildings are dreamily awash with pink paint, this spot carries you into another age. The City Palace and Amer Fort are a couple of highlights that transport you into a realm of colourful breathtaking beauty and royal decadence (without the royal price tag!). The addition of phenomenal clothing and jewellery shopping make the city even more enticing. For accommodation, you’ll want to stay at one of the havelis (architecturally stunning mansions converted into hotels) which may make you opt against traditional hotels for the rest of time…

Sassy Tip: The city is magical at night, so take advantage of romantic sights which are accessible under the moonlight.

Fly to: Jaipur
Flight time: 10 hours
Best time of year to go: Prices are lowest in June (airfare is on average $3500) but it will be absolutely sweltering. January to March are weather-wise much more pleasant.

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Cinque Terre, Italy

Best for: Surrounding yourself with seaside beauty, hiking aficionados

Was it love at first sight for you and your lucky partner? Well, be prepared for cupid to strike again, but this time for Cinque Terre. Situated along the Italian Riviera, these five seaside villages are insanely beautiful. If someone were asked to design a perfect romantic spot, it would look a lot like this Italian treasure. Cobblestone streets, colourful homes draped over cliff faces and views of sapphire water paint an idyllic picture. Each of the five villages has a distinct flavour and they are easy to explore using the local train services. There are fantastic hiking trails too that will give you even more heavenly viewpoints. Once the hiking has tuckered you out and your belly rumbles, you’ll be spoiled with the divine Italian food.

Sassy tip: Fair warning! Cinque Terre is extremely popular and can be chockablock with tourists. But, if people madness doesn’t dissuade you (and if you’re coming from HK, it shouldn’t!) you’ll be rewarded with an incredible honeymoon.

Fly to: Genoa (then take a train to Cinque Terre area)
Flight time: 16 hours
Best time of year to go: May and September when crowds aren’t as overwhelming but hiking conditions are still good.

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Santorini, Greece

Best for: Couples looking for some classic sun and splash time

If a “Best Honeymoon Destinations” list doesn’t include Santorini, photograph research was not done! At this point, Santorini seems destined to be an eternal favourite for newlyweds. One look at the blue and white labyrinth of an island and you’re in bliss, so removed from HK’s city. While more expensive than islands like Corfu, you can really stick to a budget if you choose accommodation and restaurants wisely. Santorini is comprised of many villages such as Imerovigli, Oia (known for their sunsets) and Fira (the budget-friendly capital). Remarkable views and picture-perfect moments won’t be hard to find no matter where you are. Walk around or take a dip in the dazzling water when the sun is shining and by the time sundown rolls around you’ll have plenty of fun on an island known for its glittering nightlife.

Sassy tip: Legendary Greek hospitality should make your romantic getaway even more special! If you’re lost or looking for a restaurant recommendation, ask any local and they are likely to, not only help you out, but also to join you for drinks afterwards!

Fly to: Santorini
Flight time: 16 hours
Best time of year to go: Flights will be cheap in December ($4000 on average). However, if you’re looking for the classic beach weather experience, May to September is best.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

Best for: Short honeymoons and naturally stunning scenery

If you can’t take a long trip, Southeast Asia is your best bet. Halong Bay is an ideal stop for loved up newlyweds! At the bay, choose a transport method; maybe you want to splurge a little and board an overnight cruise with your loved one or take a junk boat day trip on the peaceful waters. It is an otherworldly experience floating along and journeying past the thousands of isles and impressive geological formations. It leaves you feeling like an explorer, discovering a lost world!

Sassy tip: Active couples may want to consider renting kayaks to explore the bay, or making the most of water sports available!

Fly to: Hanoi (then make way to Halong Bay)
Flight time: Two hours (around four more hours by car to reach Halong Bay)
Best time of year to go: If your tolerance for intense heat and possible heavy rainfall are low, stick to Spring or Autumn months. However, July is cheapest when average flight prices are $1400.

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Marrakech, Morocco

Best for: Culture and history buffs

Couples who take their culture and history seriously should make Marrakech a priority. The enchanting city, built upon a rich history of nearly a thousand years, is filled with astonishing sights and attractions to visit. Each day is sure to be packed with flavour, whether you’re going spice shopping at the pulsating main bazaar, regaling at the beautiful mosques, or strolling through captivating gardens. There are also tons of unique, couple-bonding daytrip options. Think hiking in the Atlas Mountains or taking a camel ride in the Sahara desert. Your honeymoon will be unforgettable!

Sassy tip: Since there are so many things to see and do in the city, it’s a good idea to hire a guide who can help you plan your day right and maximise your time.

Fly to: Marrakech
Flight time: 18 hours
Best time of year to go: August is when flights prices are cheapest (average $2400). For more comfortable temperatures though, March to May or September to October are good bets.


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Patagonia, South America

Best for: An active honeymoon where you’re really getting off the beaten track

Yes, it will be a pain to get there and extensive research should be done to guarantee a stress-free honeymoon, but if you’re looking for an extraordinary way to kick off married life, a trip to the Patagonia region will be worth it. At the tip of South America and split between Argentina and Chile, there’s absolutely no need to fret about creating special moments with your partner here. Depending on which areas you choose to explore, you’ll have your pick out of the Andes, glaciers, wildlife, unbelievable scenery and exceptional trekking to thrill you. The only caveat is that it may be hard to get back to normal life after spending time in this land of savage beauty…

Sassy tip: Weather is very unpredictable so pack for all seasons; plenty of layering options, a sturdy windbreaker and a high-quality rain jacket are necessities!

Fly to: Either Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires, Argentina before making your way to Patagonia area via flights and cars
Flight time: Travel time will be at least 24 hours
Best time of year to go: December to February should see the least extreme weather.

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