18 January, 2012

Uniqlo’s HEATTECH clothes – stay toasty this winter!

18 January, 2012
Been feeling the cold this winter? Well, I haven’t!

Don’t worry, this isn’t just going to be a gloating smug article about how I’ve been keeping warm and toasty during the coldest HK Christmas in over 25 years while you’ve been shivering away… as I’m going to let you in on my little secret. Two words: Uniqlo HEATTECH.

If you’ve been seeing the mammoth queues at Uniqlo and wondering what on earth those snazzy silver bags that everyone in the line is clutching are, wonder no more! Uniqlo’s HEATTECH range has become a bit of a cult – and deservedly so! All the clothes are made from lightweight high-tech fabric that actually creates heat to keep you warm – and unlike Gran’s scratchy old thermals, these babies look and feel great too!

Admittedly, HK winters are practically an Indian summer compared to the seasons of Antarctic weather I was used to in the UK, but after a few years here, my body has acclimatised to our usual balmy weather and was starting to feel the chill… but a quick trip down to Uniqlo fixed me up in no time! Proof? At dinner the other night, my friend Erica started piling on her layers, asking ‘Aren’t you cold?’ Actually, I was practically sweating! With a HEATTECH top on under my jumper and HEATTECH-sock clad feet, I practically had my own mini body radiator going on!

Now for the science bit! When HEATTECH clothes absorb body moisture, these tiny droplets (of sweat!) generate heat, plus there are also specially-designed hollow fibres that capture air to prevent warmth escaping your body; the end result is that you maintain your body warmth far more effectively overall than with bog-standard cotton garments. The HEATTECH fabric is also quick-dry, non-deforming over repeated washes, anti-static, features a special antibacterial agent that minimises body odour and is super-stretchy, super-smooth and super-soft to boot!

What with the mad Christmas rush over and the January sales already starting (plus the prospect of that two-week cold snap we usually get at the start of the year), this is the perfect time to stock up on some HEATTECH goodies! I advise you to head down to your nearest Uniqlo ASAP, as some of the most popular styles and sizes have already sold out, especially as several items are now on sale. Just remember that the tops are counted as ‘undergarments’, so make sure you pick the right size, as they won’t accept exchanges.

So whether you go for the socks, leggings, body-warmers (the Fair-Isle print stuff is particularly cute!) or the fabulous range of tops that make for great stylish layering options, Uniqlo’s HEATTECH will have you feeling toasty in no time!

HEATTECH is available at all Uniqlo stores. Two-pack socks are $79; tops and leggings are $129. See here for full list of locations in Hong Kong.

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