Trend Alert: Earlaces

I am sure by now you may have noticed that the 80’s are making a comeback. Big over sized sweaters, edgy accessories, and your boyfriend’s jeans are all the rage. I was browsing the site 80s Purple this weekend, and I stumbled upon a look that I am not too sure about….the “earlaces”. Earlaces are the mix of earrings and necklaces. I guess this might be good for the girl in a rush who doesn’t have the time to put on both earrings and a necklace, or perhaps great as a space saver in your jewelry box. Either way, not so sure you will see me sporting this look anytime soon….then again I also said I would never wear leggings and I now have a few pairs! I guess these may be a big hit as I was surprised to see that this look by Dechel costs $410USD and is already out of stock!

If earlaces aren’t for you, another look that is on the rise are super long earrings. The Dechel earrings above are 14 inches long. Wow!
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