14 August, 2013
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Top 6 Lunches for under $60… in Quarry Bay

14 August, 2013
top 6 lunch spots in quarry bay dcg

Eating out (or in for that matter!) on a budget in Hong Kong is often a challenge… but it’s not impossible if you look in the right places!

To help you on the path to frugality, we’ve rounded up some of the more fund-friendly eateries in Quarry Bay that are palatable for both the tastebuds and the wallet – and if our selection has got your mouth watering, stay tuned for our fully-fledged Quarry Bay Dining Guide coming soon! Here are our Top Six Lunches for under $60 in Quarry Bay… bon appetit!

beijing city hong kong

Beijing City G/F, 4A-6 Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay
2597 4182

Got an urge for some dumplings? Look no further than Beijing City! Offering a selection of freshly made Chinese-style dumpling with fillings including vegetables, pork, lamb and seafood, you can choose between ten fried dumplings and a separate soup or ten dumplings in soup. Dumplings cost a mere $35, leaving you enough money for a Kit-Kat on the way back to the office!

Beijing City seats around 50 people, so it’s perfect for a group outing and you won’t need to worry about returning to the office on time as the service is lightning fast. Other options on the menu include noodles, pancakes and pork served with rice, but for me it’s the dumplings every time; I would even go as far to say that Beijing City offers some of the best dumplings I have ever tasted in Hong Kong!

The News Room Taikoo Fong, 33 Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay
2562 3444 thenewsroom.hk

The News Room is by far one of the more popular bar and restaurant choices in Quarry Bay, and you’d normally expect to pay around $100 and up for your meal if you dine in. Rather ingeniously however, they now have a takeaway hatch at the back of the restaurant just off Hoi Wan Street – The News Room Express – offering the same high-quality nosh at a more dollar-friendly price.

The News Room Express offers a selection of salads, soups, pastas and risottos with plenty of set lunch deals ranging from $40 to $58. Each day there is a fresh choice of three pasta or risotto dishes, including a vegetarian option, which are all as delightful as you’d expect – but the highlight for me is actually their soups, which are deliciously thick and tasty. Remember not to leave it too late to grab a bite though,as their offerings sell out quickly! Top photo also from The News Room.

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camper's hong kong

Camper’s Shop 13, G/F, Chung Hing Mansion, 13 Pan Hoi Street, Quarry Bay
2668 6613

Heading in the direction of One Island East is this cute camping-themed ramen joint, aptly named Camper’s. Decked out with everything you would need for a couple of nights sleep under the stars, Camper’s has plenty of charm and some very reasonably priced dishes to boot. The chef Fujita Kenta hails from Tokyo and prides himself on serving dishes with low additives, more veggies and minimal fat – all the ingredients for a guilt-free lunch.

My staple choice is Camper’s pork ramen, which comes in a perfectly sized portion so as not to overwhelm your stomach or your budget! Alternatives include a large selection of curries and udon, accompanied by refreshing teas to wash them down with – but quite frankly who doesn’t love a spot of ramen for lunch?! Camper’s is a popular spot however, so be prepared for queues if you’re visiting at 1pm.

pho saigon hong kong

Pho Saigon G/F., 27 Hoi Wan Street,, Quarry Bay
2142 7011

Tucked away, on Hoi Wan Street is Pho Saigon, which serves up a selection of Vietnamese favourites. A hearty bowl of pho with rice soup noodles, dry rice vermicelli or one of their fragrant rice dishes will cost between $39-45, including a free tea or coffee. Throw in an extra five dollars and you can instead select one of their ‘special drinks’, which include fresh lime soda, Vietnamese drip coffee or a selection of coconut milks with either red bean, green bean or jelly – yum!

If a nibble is all you’re after, you can also choose from Pho Saigon’s selection of spring rolls, Hanoi fried prawn patties and summer rolls, to name just a few. A great option for a summer’s day, there are plenty of places to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while you slurp your way through some noodles.

tava hong kong

TAVA Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine G/F, 10 Hoi Kwong Street, Quarry Bay
2856 5155

For a little taste of the Mediterranean, Tava is a great option offering a selection of kebabs, pizzas, meatballs and salads. The staff here are very friendly and the manager is always happy to help you make your selection if you don’t know your hummus from your baba ganoush! With over 30 seats, it is perfect for a team lunch out, but it does get busy so avoid going bang on 1pm.

Small snacks start from $38 and include items like traditional meze, grilled halloumi and fried eggplant. Tava’s excellent selection of salads, starting at $58, are also colourful, fresh and big enough to keep afternoon hunger at bay; a classic option is the Turkish salad, which comes packed with crunchy veg, olives and a generous dose of feta. If you’re willing to cough up a little extra cash, their meatballs and kebab wraps are also scrumptious!

flames hong kong

Flames Charcoal Chicken Shop A2, G/F, Hoi Wan Building, 25 Hoi Wan Street, Quarry Bay
2563 9928 www.facebook.com/FlamesCharcoalChicken

For all you chicken lovers out there, Flames is sure to satisfy! With plenty of outdoor seats, it is another fine option for a summer’s day, but if you do need to run back to your desk, you can enjoy a 10% discount on takeaway food – get in!

The set menus here cost $53-60 for a chicken quarter and $77-84 for a half. Once you’ve picked your size, all you need to do is choose from the two mouth-watering marinades – Portuguese style or mixed herbs and stuffing. My favourite is the latter, which is oh-so-juicy and goes deliciously with their rocket, pear and Parmesan salad with tomato rice. If you’re in need of some carbs however, try the gourmet potatoes or fries on the side – both hit the spot nicely!

Fenella is a British expat from Hertfordshire (think Darcy and Lizzy!) eager to discover new sights and sounds in Hong Kong. Follow her musings on Twitter @fenelladale

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