1 March, 2016

The Ryder Diamonds Engagement Ring Experience – with Natasha Marmont!

1 March, 2016

A real-life engagement story in Hong Kong

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is a pretty big deal. That person will shape the course of your life (gulp), so if the big moment happens, you can be sure it’s one you won’t forget! We love real life stories here at Sassy, so we caught up with Natasha Marmont to hear all about her proposal. And of course, as a diamond expert herself, we couldn’t wait to hear all about her engagement ring from Ryder Diamonds!


Tell us about the proposal? 

We got engaged on a coastal walk in Sydney. It was really windy, rainy and cold for that time of year so I was not expecting it at all but I was very pleasantly surprised!

Working at Ryder Diamonds, didn’t you already know what your ideal engagement ring would be?

You’d think that wouldn’t you, but every time we make a beautiful ring I fall in love with it!

So how did you choose your engagement ring? 

Luckily I was in good hands, because here at Ryder Diamonds we specialise in bespoke handcrafted jewellery. What I did know was that I’d like something classic but a little bit different, so that it would be timeless but also special and unique. With that in mind we chose a cushion cut diamond, which is similar in look to the traditional round brilliant diamond but square in shape. Through a process of elimination we decided on the classic three in a row style with some design detail on the side.


Tell us about your Ryder Diamonds engagement ring experience?

It was so personal experience for us as we were involved every step of the way in the making of our engagement ring; from choosing the perfect diamonds that were both beautiful and good value for money, to specifying the exact design details that would not only compliment the stones, but also be practical for everyday wear. After we had decided on the stones and the design, our sketch artist drew it up to proportion.


Once we confirmed that we were happy with the look of the design, we started the handcrafting process. Midway through, we were able to look at the mounting (raw metal) before the diamonds were set and the metal was polished. That meant we could check the size and proportions before it was finished. It was so exciting to see our creation coming to life!

I was sad to part with the mounting of my engagement ring, but I couldn’t wait to see the completed piece, I was even more excited! When the finished engagement ring was unveiled, it was even more beautiful in real life than I had expected.


This step-by-step journey not only made our engagement ring more special, but it also suited me perfectly as I knew that nothing would be a surprise. By working closely with our design team and our jewellers we created our perfect engagement ring which I am absolutely thrilled with, so much so I can’t stop looking at it!


To start your Ryder Diamonds experience with me, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling 9860 7330. I hope to hear from you soon!


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