The perfect gift for the man who has everything?

Over the coming few weeks, we’re going to be trying to help out by giving as many gift suggestions as possible for the man or men in your life… We know the pain of wracking your brain for hours, spending days of your life traipsing round the shops only to pick out what you think is the perfect gift, only to have it greeted with lackluster enthusiasm and then to be tossed aside never to see the light of day again. We really think that for men it’s so easy to pick out gifts for us – clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery, perfume, holidays etc., we’re pretty much an open book about what we love! We’re going to try to turn the tables a little to give you the best gift ideas straight from the source – men themselves.

First up, one that we can’t really wholeheartedly endorse as a surefire winner – the man skirt… or should that be the mirt? Seen on the catwalks of avante-garde labels for many a year and season, and modeled by David Beckham in sarong-form, they’ve never really caught on, have they? This time they’re going mainstream in 2010 for H&M’s Spring collection, and the one shown in the image above is about as wearable as it’s every going to get. Worn with skinny (preferably cropped pants) underneath, like this and paired with a nonchalant attitude, we actually are starting to like this look. We’re excited to see the mirt hit the streets of Hong Kong!

Image via Hypebeast
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