27 October, 2010
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The Eco Chic Swish

27 October, 2010

I am going to take a guess and say that many of you have clothes in your closet that you hardly ever wear. I am not talking about a nostalgic sweatshirt given to you by an ex boyfriend or a LDB that you only let out on very special occasions. I am talking about the clothes that have tags on them or things that you have worn once or twice but for some reason just aren’t doing it for you. I have a number of things that fall in this category in my closet. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, they are lovely really. What is wrong typically is my mindset when I bought them. I know structured things look best on me but there are times when I think something flowy and floral needs to be added into the mix and it just doesn’t work and very rarely do these looks make it outside of my apartment.

We all know what happens with clothes like this. They get relegated to the darkest corner of our closet and nobody ever gets to enjoy them. This just isn’t fair to the clothes or to the person who would look absolutely amazing in the items that aren’t making us happy anymore. So I ask, what do you think we should do about this? I say…let’s go swishing!

This Thursday (28 October), QueenEco and Green2greener will be teaming up to organize a clothes swap called The Eco Chic Swish. According to the very knowledgable Wikipedia, “Swishing refers to swapping an item/items of clothing, shoes or an accessory with friends or acquaintances”. Swishonistas can donate a minimum of 5 items of unwanted clothes, shoes or accessories prior to the event and in return you will be given a corresponding amount of Swish credits which can be redeemed for items on Thursday night. Basically, the better clothes you give the more credits you get. We hear they already have some great DVF, Matthew Williamson, Chloe and vintage Gucci!

Tickets are $200 (HK) and it is limited to only 70 lucky girls. With your ticket price you also get a glass of champagne, organic cupcakes and a gift bag and a portion of  the ticket price will be used to raise funds for Green2greener. Whatever clothes are leftover from the Swish will be donated to St. James’ Settlements “Green Ladies” second hand charity shop to benefit low income groups in Hong Kong.

The credit system for the clothes, shoes and accessories are:
5 credits for highstreet
10 credits for vintage
15 credits for designer

Event Details: Eco Chic Swish
Date: Thursday 28 October
Time: 7pm
Location: John Hardy Showroom, 14/F, Block C, Sea View Estate, No. 8 Watson Road, North Point
RSVP/Donation Inquiries: [email protected]

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