Temperley London Bag Line

Alice Temperley is one of my absolute favourite designers – I nearly always drool over her collections (I have to saw AW ’09 was not one of my faves though), and love her personal style. In the last few years it seems as though the Temperley brand has just exploded – spreading her signature eccentric, embellished and flowing look across many different product lines. I had no idea Temperley London had a range of bags, so was pleasantly surprised to find them. Her clutches in particular are fabulously decadent, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she might be the one to finally bring us the holy grail of the bag world: the perfect hobo.

Prices are of course steep ranging from 300-700 GBP, but like most Temperley pieces, they have a timeless appeal that somehow allows them to sit outside of the changing whims of seasonal fashion, perhaps because they draw so much on vintage influences. I’m craving the Ophelia evening clutch (bottom image) for party season!
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