25 May, 2011

Summer finds at Marks & Spencer

25 May, 2011

I have been a bit of a sceptic when it comes to Marks & Spencer. I know it is huge in the UK  but I never quite got the fascination with it beyond being a great place to buy underwear. Every so often I do pop in when I am on my typical mad dash to find something specific for a night out on the town and I almost always leave empty handed.

So, when we were invited to the opening of the new Marks & Spencer store in iSQUARE last week I was hopeful that a new perspective on things may be just what I needed. To celebrate their new store Marks & Spencer had a “Love Your Look” Summer Fashion Parade. While the commentary was mainly in Cantonese, Andrea and I were still able to get a very good idea of what the collection for this summer is all about: Soft 60’s, Sexy 70’s and Woodstock.

The main theme during the event for me is that Marks & Spencer offers a wide variety of clothes and accessories that are perfect for mixing and matching to blend into your own personal style. While I have not been a huge follower of their past collections I was pleasantly surprised at how many looks I liked when I finally saw them on an actual model rather then on a hanger.

One of the highlights for us was the extremely nice surprise that came when they told us we could each pick one thing from the store to take home (Yippee!). Andrea and I both made our way through the crowded store, first doing a survey of what was up for grabs and then slowly but surely we both started to zone in on what we were really after.

Being a heel girl at heart I quickly found my way to their shoe section and almost immediately these red and white wedges (from the Soft 60’s) caught my eye. Being a very good Sassy confidant Andrea quickly started to talk me into “my purchase” by telling me what types of outfit I could wear them with. Don’t ya just love when someone makes it easy for you? I snapped the shoes up and even wore them on Saturday night and got two compliments on them (just so you know, these babies are guy and girl approved!).

Limited Edition Wedge Sandals, $450

Andrea looks great in maxi dresses so this essential summer item from the Sexy 70’s collection is now all hers. In the show the model wore a denim vest with it so this is proof that you really can incorporate your own style into the various separates that you find at M&S. Andrea gave this dress major props for having a drawstring empire waist and just the right amount of coverage up top so you are not baring your cleavage to everyone around town.

Indigo Printed Maxi Dress, $750

So, the moral of my little story is this. Give things a second look and take the time to try things on because you just might a few gems that become staples in your wardrobe this summer. I currently have my eyes on this dress after admiring it on fashionista Vincci Cheuk at the event. It looked super cute, effortless and just perfect for summer. I think it would look great with some cute flat sandals and a bit of bling in the form of a silver or gold statement necklace. After my wedge purchase I am beginning to think I may be developing a thing for stripes…

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