2 August, 2010

Stylishly Cool Laptop Bags

2 August, 2010

The worst thing happened this morning. My internet went down. At times like this you realize how connected you are to the world wide web and how the loss of it can bring your entire world down. I know, I know, I am being overly dramatic but isn’t it crazy how much we depend on the important things in life like google and Facebook? The bright side is that now I am sitting in my local Pacific Coffee casually sipping on a vanilla latte and using their internet which I must say is a very relaxing way to spend a morning. There are so many positives to working at home and not having to rush into an office each day but one of the negatives is never having an escape from the million things you should be doing at home such as organizing that pile of random papers that has been staring you down for weeks, getting out of your pj’s and better yet getting out of bed!

As I packed up my laptop and threw it into my purse I realized that I don’t give it the love that it really does deserve. Since it is a huge part of my life I really should be treating it better and that means when I take it out having the right bag to put it in. When I say right bag I don’t mean the normal and generic black laptop bag that you get at computer stores. I refuse to carry one of those anymore and would much rather prefer something stylish that doesn’t automatically scream – I have a laptop in this bag. After nearly dropping my bag after it being so heavy with my laptop this morning I think it is time to invest in something that protects it and helps it live a very long life. With that said, here are a few stylish laptop bags I have been drooling over while sipping my coffee this morning.

Charlie My Love (available at Gizzy and Nacho)

abbi – Giraffe Print N/S Shopper

Rebecca Minkoff Canvas Virginia Computer Case

Janine King Designs – Etsy

I think this next one is pretty cool. It can be converted into 4 totally different bags and when your laptop is at home you can even take it out as a clutch. It currently is unavailable but it looks like they will be back in stock soon. I am liking the grey version and think I can justify this purchase since it is also something my husband might like too!

2UNFOLD Laptop Bag

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