Festive Fashion: Christmas Jumpers

24 November, 2016
Christmas, Style

Festive Fashion: Christmas Jumpers

How to style up those Christmas jumpers from your least favourite aunt this holiday season


If you’re anything like me; you’ll be more than ready for some colder weather in the 852 and an excuse to wear cosy knits all over town. Winter fashion is the absolute best but given that Christmas is just around the corner (sorry but how did that even happen?), that also means the return of ugly, reindeer-loving jumpers like that glorious ensemble Colin Firth sports in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

And while Colin may not have turned it out in his woolly disaster, you totally can. Oversized knits are a major trend and the fashion industry has decided that Christmas is cool (duh), which means that those once hideous creations are now remixed and on display at all major department stores and street style Instagram accounts. Deck the halls and get ready to be one of Santa’s chicest little helpers with these tips and tricks for your holiday style report

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There’s no denying the lame catchiness of Pinterest-favourite “elfies” – Christmas jumper inspired selfies. Sure, it’s pretty cringey but it fits right in with the whole idea of the holiday spirit and ugly jumpers actually being cool.

Play up to your youthful side and don these ridiculous looks that are secretly adorable. Throw on a pompom beanie and you’re all set to do the jingle bell rock. Keep the rest of your outfit simple though – fitted and solid, with dark colours to compliment your jumper’s festivity. Or throw it on over a simple cocktail dress. You don’t want reallyyyyyyyyyyy want to look like you’ve drunkenly raided a three year old’s wardrobe.

Get the look: Christmas Gifts Trio Jumper available from H&M, Bobble Hat Penguin Jumper available from ASOS, Pom Pom Knit Beanie available from Revolve

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Bauble Babe

Texture and a good sense of humour are key components in getting this look down. Think fluff and (faux) fur, embellishments and pop-out details. Basically, this is your value add jumper that does all the talking so you don’t have to – perfect for any awkward encounters at the office Christmas party.

Have some fun with these, it’s not called Silly Season for nothing. A jumper dress is a stylish alternative to the original jumper; adding some sex appeal to a quirky look. Add some heels and you’ve got yourself a style star!

Get the look: Ribbed Crewneck Jumper, Tassle Detail Jumper, Ankle Strap Heels available from Shopbop

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Statement Santa

What started out as a T-shirt trend; the statement jumper is a major look this winter season. Spotted on celebs and bloggers throughout the latest fashion month, big boxy knits and hoodies displaying cheeky text are a definite style trick for the Christmas season.

Think punny, tongue-in-cheek messages that range from cute and sweet to downright sassy – a perfect fit for fierce females that aren’t afraid to show off their playful side. And if you’re going to say something silly, you may as well do it when everyone is in (and drinking) good spirits. Add some edge to this look with a leather mini, some ankle boots and a solid dose of attitude.

Get the look: Sleigh My Name Red Jumper, available from ASOS, Silver Chelsea Boots, Moto Zip Mini Skirt available from Shopbop

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Christmas Chic

If you’re still not totally convinced then try out a more subtle approach through smaller prints and festive hues of red and navy.

You don’t have to look like the decorations on a Christmas tree to indulge in this trend; get into the spirit of things in a way that hints at Christmas rather than screaming it out loud into your face. Pair these with a sequined A-line skirt or some fabulous wide-leg trousers for a more sophisticated take on the Christmas classic.

Get the look: Navy Beaded Turtleneck, available from Marks & Spencers, Metallic Wide Leg Trousers, Gold Pleated Crop Trousers available from Revolve

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Safety In Numbers

You know the best part about ugly Christmas jumpers? Ugly Christmas jumpers on EVERYONE. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and if you’re not lucky enough to be going home to your family over the Christmas period, then why not create your own magic in Hong Kong and get all your friends to be a part of this trend.

Matching jumpers and group snaps create the perfect dynamic for a good time, and with so many events and boozy opportunities to get under the mistletoe, this festive season is the best excuse to have some fun with fashion. Get your friends, get your champagne and get out in your ugliest Christmas jumper!

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