12 March, 2014
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Shop Talk: HYPOXI studios

12 March, 2014

We’re busy ladies at Sassy HQ and we appreciate fitness tips and tricks that do what they say on the tin. We prefer toning and firming techniques that actually work and are well aware that a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time can balance the odd slip up for the remaining 20%! But what about targeting trouble spots? Where do we go when we need to battle our dreaded lumps and bumps? Well, that would be the HYPOXI Studio in Central. With scientific machinery created to specifically target fat and reduce cellulite, the studio offers epic results in a seriously short amount of time.

What they do!
HYPOXI’s private studio offers their renowned training, which uses a scientifically recommended targeted fat and cellulite reduction system. Sound confusing? Basically, the HYPOXI method is a non-invasive way of body shaping, which combines alternating pressure application with a fat burning workout. Don’t be freaked out by their futuristic-looking machines that use vacuum and compression therapy because it’s completely painless and all natural… phew! We’re talking no ultrasound, lasers or crazy supplements – just good old-fashion organic methods that are not only great for toning up, but healthy too! Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to significantly increased blood circulation and metabolism as you slim down the healthy way, just how we like it!

Vacunaut IIWhat we’ve tried and tested!
We’ve already raved about HYPOXI’s cellulite illuminating here, and we love how it’s a healthy alternative for slimming. With results typically starting after 2 weeks if you follow the 3 times a week sessions for 30 minutes, this is an easy way to smooth out any undesirable cellulite or fatty areas. Sassy has tried and tested their exercise bikes that target the lower body, and we loved how you get your very own iPad to browse the Internet on while you’re at it! We also trialled the Dermology machine, which involved a full body suit and what felt like a mini-massage… very high tech! Definitely a new type of workout for us! 

Why we love it!
Not only do we love HYPOXI because it’s a method that actually delivers results, but it’s also a quick and easy way to get into shape. Anyone can do it – you don’t have to be of a certain fitness level and we can easily fit the 30-minute sessions into our hectic Hong Kong schedules. This gentle exercise programme will firm up your thighs using trusted techniques that even Olympic athletes are using… hey, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

Reception I

Where is it?
Lucky for us, HYPOXI are expanding in Asia, and they’ve set up a cosy studio here in HK. Located in Central since 2010, this is a convenient spot to get in some firming fun. Better yet, the studio has a private feel to it that takes the pressure off working out!

HYPOXI  8/F EuBank Plaza, 9 Chiu Lung Street, Central, Hong Kong
2437 6637  www.hypoxi.com.hk

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