11 April, 2014

Shop Talk: Callixto

11 April, 2014

It’s a fact that the easiest way to update an outfit is to accessorise, accessorise… and you guessed it, accessorise! So when we heard that Callixto founder Sasha Dennig was setting up shop in Hong Kong we were very excited indeed. Her loud, proud, eclectic and cool treasures from all over the world are now available in her bright pink boutique.

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Who owns it?
Half Austrian, half Chinese, Sasha Dennig launched Callixto in 2011 after a trip to Rajasthan India. While there she had amassed a suitcase full of jewellery, pashminas, block print textiles and other such wonders which she sold from her apartment in Singapore. The previous four years had been spent at a law firm in London as a corporate lawyer, but the buzz she got from travelling and shopping made her buck her corporate career and follow her love of wanderlust…thus Callixto was born!


What’s in store?
Callixto is home to Sasha’s finds from her many travels, initially an online store it now has a bricks and mortar premise. Treasures from Turkey, India, Mexico, Peru, Bali, Uzbekistan and many more countries adorn every inch of space inside and the result is akin to a girlie version of Alibaba’s cave. Jewellery, home décor and other knick-knacks are all available here. Smaller retailers will be happy to hear that Sasha is also going to use the space for pop-up events to help other fledgling designers in Hong Kong.


Why we love it!
The store is pink… enough said! Sasha travels to far-flung places so you don’t have to saving us time and money. She also gives Christopher Columbus a run for his money with some of her amazing discoveries. A modern day adventurer with impeccable taste who has a pink store… what’s not to love!


What’s on Sassy’s shopping list!
Neon handbags from Thailand, Egyptian handmade jewellery featuring scarabs to ward off evil spirits and carpets from Uzbekistan are at the top of our hit list. This is also the perfect spot to pick up last minute presents for loved ones!


Where is it?
You can’t miss this candy pink store on 11 Mee Lun Street between Gough Street and Hollywood Road. If you see a poster of Albert Einstein standing outside created by famous graffiti artist Mr. Brainwash you know you’re at the right place! Find out more about that crazy encounter on the Callixto blog here.

Callixto  11 Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong
6316 9551  www.callixto.com


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