26 October, 2015

Ship and shop in the USA this holiday season with PacMe!

26 October, 2015

PacMe is getting rave reviews for its reduced shipping fees and outstanding customer service!

We’ve all been there – leaving your Christmas shopping ‘til the last two weeks of December, desperately hunting the stores for the perfect gifts, and wrapping up last-minute buys in a mad hurry. But this year is the year you can change (we believe in you!). Get organised early and save money by sorting all your holiday shopping online in the USA in one easy go with PacMe, an easy-to-use shipping consolidator based in sales tax-free Oregon, USA.

We’ve already raved about PacMe here, and for good reason! Competition is fierce and there are over 100 shipping consolidators out there. If you’ve tried out some of them already, then make sure to try PacMe as we can guarantee you’ll be hooked! Ken, one of the PacMe founders and a long time Singapore resident, had tried many of the competitors and found two things lacking: a true consolidation/repacking service and customer service that actually worked from 10,000km away. So with his uncle Randy, a warehouse operations guru living in sales tax-free Oregon, he decided to launch PacMe.

PacMe doesn’t just pack and ship your goods – their repacking experts will actually minimise the size and weight of your box, which can cut the weight bill in half (leaving you with more money to shop!). Dimensional weight is hard to understand and if there is empty space in your box, you’re probably paying for it – but PacMe has you covered. If you hear of a service offering the lowest per kg rate, don’t be mistaken, as you can end up paying way more than you would at PacMe. They’ll make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

Not only can you expect all your Christmas presents delivered at the best price, but if you experience any issues you can look forward to excellent customer service, as Ken and Randy handle customer service themselves. “We love to make our customers happy,” says Ken. Yep – PacMe will go above and beyond the average shipping consolidators and ensure that you get the best out of your order. They’ve been know to fill extra space in shipments with goodies that customers love – one girl was even surprised to find extra donuts in her shipment when she order her favourite comfort food from home! Donuts?! Sign us up, now.


Our friends at PacMe are offering all Sassy readers a free account when you register with the promo code SASSYHK at PacMe.com. Looks like Christmas just got a little easier…


Brought to you in partnership with PacMe

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