Seikisho Mask White

Inspired by Michelle’s post on the Robatayaki grill I’d like to pay my own tribute to Japan and let you in on one of my favourite Japanese beauty products: the Seikisho Mask White.

The deceptively named “white” mask refers to the “whitening” effect and not the colour of the mask itself, which is inky black with the consistency of tar. Don’t let that put you off, however, as the mask does a mean job of removing dirt and grime. Stranger things have been used in the pursuit of youth and beauty!

The application is straightforward and rather enjoyable: all you need to do is slap on a thick even layer to clean skin. If you have tiny hairs like I do around the hairline, rub a little Vaseline so that the mask, once dried, does not yank it all out. I’d also suggest wearing an old tee in case the mask drips on your clothes.

After 20 – 30 minutes the mask tightens and can be peeled off in a single piece, starting from the edges. Flip over the mask, now a  3D mold of your face, to examine the dead skin cells and marvel at your brighter (not whiter, I find this a misleading term) skin.

As the mask contains Japanese herbal extracts, it does have a faintly medicinal smell, but trust me when I say it works a treat. If you ever need to persuade the man in your life to care for his skin, try putting this on him. It’s fun to use (and macho enough) that he won’t mind!

Available in Sasa and Bonjour.

by Danielle Yong

Danielle moved to Hong Kong in November 2010 from London and is still on the hunt for the best beauty and pampering treatments. An amateur writer (and professional beauty enthusiast) in her spare time, she is open to comments on her blog posts and suggestions for her little black book.

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