Season of the Jacket

This season is really the season of the jacket. Thrown over a summery dress, plain t-shirt and mini (as above worn by Olivia Palermo to great effect) or with jeans and killer heels, the jacket will be your statement piece. Even the high-street brands are going high-fashion with out-there options that will stand out without breaking the bank.

A boxy jacket is a great choice if you have a boyish or athletic figure or if you are tall and skinny all over (lucky you!). Obviously if you are larger on top then you might not want to add extra bulk in a place where you don’t need it. The Topshop jackets above and below are so cool and different you would never know they are high street finds. Unfortunately while we wait for Topshop to arrive in HK (are you listening Topshop? We need you!) we’ll have to content ourselves with visits to Singapore, Bangkok and KL.

We were in Shenzhen yesterday to get some dresses made, and noticed that the fabric market in the Lo Wu mall was overflowing with amazing fake furs and embellished sequined materials. Plan a trip there to have some jackets made, and bring along some pics of your favourite styles to show the tailors.

If you’re super tall, or want to disguise larger hips or a pear-shaped figure, you could go for a longer-length coat that gives a more formal look. I’m not nearly brave enough to attempt this many gold sequins (as on the Philip Lim coat above), but think it’s ultimately glamourous all the same. If you want to emphasize your curves, you can always belt a furry gilet, as with this little H&M number above on the right which I can imagine would look amazing with black opaque tights and knee-high boots.
Bring on the colder weather!
Image of Olivia Palermo via The Sartorialist.
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