16 May, 2012
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Sassy’s Perfect Summer – Part 3

16 May, 2012

Have you been keeping up with Team Sassy’s doses of summer inspiration? Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2 of our Perfect Hong Kong Summers… and here’s the final installment for your reading pleasure! Now enjoy, go forth and make your own perfect summers too!

1)  Ideal summer getaway
I just got back from Abaca in Cebu and loved it! The service was incredible and everyone in the hotel greeted me by name the entire stay! I love seeing the bottom when I swim (hence why I avoided lake trips as a kid) and here the ocean is crystal clear. Rivalling the amazing water is the delicious food – I had my lunches served poolside so I never had to leave my cabana! The restaurant had a wood-burning stove, which served up the best homemade breads I have had in Asia… I would love any excuse to go back!

2)  Favourite HK summer activity
My fave summer activity is hanging out by the pool at HKCC sipping rose and eating their yummy baba ganoush! Sometimes, I even sneak in a workout before hand so that I can enjoy the Toblerone cheesecake that’s on the menu too! I always run into friends here and to round out the day, we all head over to the grassy field for a bit of lawn bowling (note: Googling “lawn bowling” brings up no young people whatsoever… I might need to take up a new activity!). I was the lawn-bowling champion of our friends last summer (sorry C.D.)!

3)  What’s in my beach bag:

  • Sunscreen is a must. My pick is Coppertone SPF 30 for the body and Aveeno SPF 50 for the face, chest, and hands as those are the first places to show age.
  • A Gianormous Hat. As much as I love the bright sun, I sometime need a break and I always know I can find respite under a huge floppy hat– the bigger the better.
  • Sarong. I have had mine for several years and it has been all over Asia with me. It works as a cover up, a dress, a scarf, a beach blanket, and even served as a turban before! There are several just like it at Theodora & Callum!
  • Big Dark Sunglasses by House of Harlow. They makes some seriously cute shades and I am currently obsessed with all the cat eye varieties out there including these. House of Harlow sunnies are sold at The9thMuse here in Hong Kong or you can grab yours from Shopbop too (free shipping remember)!
  • I love the retro feel of this Anthropolgie swimsuit but also that you can actually wear it without getting any crazy high cut or cut out tan lines like other trendy swimwear that is out now. I would have to get some serious colour before I could pull off a white ‘kini though!
  • A Stack of Magazines. Hit up Fleet Arcade for mags at cover price – see my Sassy scoop here for more details of this insiders’ HK secret!

4)  Summer lust-haves

  • Dress from BCBGMAXAZRIA. It’s colour-blocked, it has cut outs at the only moderately toned portion of my abs, and it has pleats… all my trendy boxes are checked! Check out the rest of their SS12 collection here.
  • Every summer I think about how glam I would like to look lying by the beach or pool and every year I am left feeling sweaty and frizzy and utterly un-glam! I have a feeling that wearing this amazing DVF kaftan would instantly distract you from my flyaway hair and splotchy tan! Instant allure! (Ok… looking at all of this is making me wish for the warmer days ahead! Is it summer yet!?)

5) Top summer tune
I can’t seem to get We are Young by Fun. & Janelle Monae out of my head!

1)  Ideal summer getaway
For my ideal summer getaway, you can’t beat a stylish villa holiday with its own pool but near the beach for the best of both worlds. I prefer Thailand over Bali as it’s quicker to reach and often cheaper… and that’s what we, like cheap but chic! I loved staying at the Dhevatara Residence in Koh Samui – not only did it have a private pool (so I didn’t have to worry about the poolside wobble) and was a stone’s throw from the beach, but it also had staff (tres important for luxe lazing around), including a mean Thai chef, to pamper to your every whim.. bliss! Mind you that didn’t help the poolside wobble either… ho hum!

2)  Favourite HK summer activity
For when it really hots up in the 852 (and we’re talking when the mercury gets into the 30s!), there are only two things that cut the mustard: Baltic aircon AND being by the water!

So my favourite HK summer activity has to involve water or AC to cool off! A Jasper’s Junk is a great way to enjoy the sea breeze (literally… and the alcoholic way!) while getting some rays in. Or anywhere that has a pool… Hong Kong Football Club or the Cricket Club have great pools, but beware of the masses on the weekend! Or try the Grand Hyatt if you fancy splashing the cash for day membership or take advantage of their staycation package.

3)  What’s in my beach bag
I can’t live without this Clarins Oil-Free Sunscreen Spray and get very precious about sharing it (I try not to)!  After an allergic reaction to sunscreen in Greece yonks ago, I struggled to find a sunscreen that didn’t cause a similar reaction until I stumbled across this, which is available in Clarins stores in HK… yippee!  As it’s oil free, it doesn’t clog your pores, which can sometimes lead to skin irritation and the dreaded prickly heat in my case!

4)  Summer lust-have
This summer I shall be lusting after some bits and bobs from new swimwear store Itsie Bitsie… now I know one of my fellow bloggers has already mentioned this in her Perfect Summer, but two people can lust after the same thing can’t they?! Usually it ends in tears, but not this time as I’m going for a different bikini, the “Take a Bow”, and the “Poncho PomPom” beach cover-up!

5)  Top summer tune
Since I moved to HK 4 years ago, I hate to say it but I’ve become so behind with the music scene what with there being no good old UK radio to bop along to. Yep, I know I’m sounding very OLD so being OLD I have to plump for an oldie but a goodie – Lovely Day by Bill Withers.

1)    Ideal summer getaway
I would love to go to Hawaii for the sun and the sand, as well as to brush up on my surfing skills! If I can’t get near the sea, then a laid-back cultural and foodie holiday to somewhere like Umbria in Italy would be amazing.

2)   Favourite HK summer activity
I have two – all day to early evening BBQs at Shek O beach with my friends or junk trips!

3)   What’s in my beach bag

  • I tan with or without sunscreen but I always slather on Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection Factor 50+ by Boots No.7 (load up next time you or a friend is in the UK!) and Banana Boat’s Factor 50 for the body.
  • My trusty bikini sarong that I picked up in Penang years ago, but miraculously it still looks as good as new!
  • Ray Ban Aviators
  • iPod for some summer beats
  • My favourite book of all time, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Can’t beat a good read.

4)   Summer lust-have
I’m loving this Peep-Hole Blue Let Love Down Maxi dress, from Finder Keepers at The Fashion Bunker.

5)   Top summer tune
Colbie Caillat puts me in a good mood every time, especially her song Brighter than the Sun.

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