6 August, 2014
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Sassy’s Best Barbecue Hangouts in Hong Kong!

6 August, 2014

Nothing says summer quite like the smoky smell of a BBQ. When the weather is this beautiful, the best thing to do is fire up that grill, gather your family and friends, and feast! While there are plenty of free public barbecue sites around Hong Kong, not all are created equal (don’t even think about firing up a pit at Deep Water Bay on a Sunday!). So which ones do we think rank as the best in town? Here are our top picks!

Shek O

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Shek O beach
Located on the southern coast, Shek O has got to be one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong. It has one of the largest BBQ sites in town with a whopping 40 public BBQ pits! It can get extremely crowded on weekends, so if you don’t want to take a chance on there actually being space, you can reserve a spot at one of the privately-run barbecue areas right on the beach. For $400, you’ll be provided with charcoal and unlimited barbecuing time. Whilst the public site is open 24/7 (it works on a first-come-first-serve basis so get there early!), the private barbecue area stays open until 11pm. If you want to book a private site, call 2809 4579 to get a pit at Liu’s Barbecue on Shek O Main Beach.

Tai Tam Country Park
Tai Tam Country Park is the largest on Hong Kong Island. The Chinese words ‘Tai Tam’ mean ‘Big Pools’ in English, referring to the four huge water reservoirs found inside the park. There are some very scenic hiking trails and many areas with picnic tables, benches, barbecue pits and playgrounds. Though you can’t reserve a table in advance, there are so many we are sure you won’t have any problems finding a vacant pit to grill up some burgers – but stock up before you leave as there aren’t any supermarkets nearby!


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Stanley Main Beach
One of our favourite beaches is also one of our favourite spots to have a BBQ. There are more than 15 barbecue pits, but you better get there quickly if you want to reserve a spot. The barbecue area is only a 10 minute walk to the nearby restaurants and supermarkets, which is super useful if you need to top-up on booze. Warning – this beach is very popular and can get really busy. This is not the place to come to if you want to get away from the crowds! Why not follow your barbecue with a quick trip around the market or Stanley Plaza?

Lion Rock Park
Not far from Festival Walk is one of Kowloon’s most overlooked green spaces: a huge stretch of trees, gardens and barbecue pits just under the Lion Rock. The barbecue area was renovated just a couple of years ago making it one of the spiffiest in Hong Kong! There are 26 pits, each with comfortable benches and a spacious picnic table. Whilst there aren’t any facilities near the park to stock up on food, the supermarket Taste in Festival Walk has supplies and a delicious range of grill-able goodies. There’s also a little hiking trail leading up the mountain slopes from the barbecue site so you can walk off your lunch!

Angler's Beach

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Anglers Beach
With lovely views across the water to the three bridges built to connect Hong Kong Island to Lantau, this stretch of beach on Kowloon has 11 barbecue pits. But while it’s a great spot to start a barbecue, there is no swimming allowed on the beach, so don’t expect to cool off in the water if it gets too hot. This shouldn’t stop you from topping up your tan on the sand, though!

Butterfly Beach Park
First of all, we already like this location because of its cute name. Secondly, we love that it has great views and there’s also a campsite, so you can make your barbecue into an overnight outdoor trip! The clean, tidy environment and stunning scenery make this a must-visit if you’re looking for the ultimate barbecue destination. Check out the nearby parks and enjoy the space and calm – yep, this is probably one of the least busy beaches in the ‘Kong, so it is worth the trek out to the New Territories.


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Lamma Island
Lamma’s close proximity to Hong Kong Island makes it a great place to go for the day if you fancy escaping the busy city! Getting there is easy enough, with ferries from Central Pier 4 taking only 20 minutes. There are many beaches to choose from, one of our favourite’s being Lo Shing Beach, which is small, secluded and set in a scenic cove. There are only a few BBQ pits (around six), but there are also changing rooms, shower facilities and toilets nearby. The views are amazing and Lo Shing Beach – unlike some of the beaches on the island – doesn’t get too crowded! Or you could try Hung Shing Yeh beach, which is partially sheltered by trees and has a slightly larger barbecue area. Both beaches are gorgeous, so you can go for a dip in the sea while the grill heats up!

Cheung Sha Beach
Tucked away in a little corner on Lantau Island lies Cheung Sha Beach, the perfect place to have a BBQ. This has got to be one of the loveliest beaches in HK, with a (relatively!) clean coastline. The long stretch of beach is great as it rarely gets busy, s0 you can really enjoy Hong Kong at its best. If you can’t be bothered to drag your BBQ supplies to the pits here, then you could always stop by The Stoep resto instead… just saying.

Silvermine Bay

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Silvermine Bay Beach
Located in Mui Wo, a rural town on the eastern coast of Lantau Island, is Silvermine Bay Beach. With 20 big BBQ pits with marble benches, this is one of our top spots for a summer cook up! You can come here in the day to soak up the sun while munching on a hot dog, but we recommend coming at night, when Silvermine Bay Beach really comes alive. It seems everyone in Lantau comes out in the evening to grill up some grub at the public pits or on bonfires at the beach. I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone to help out when you can’t get the fire to start! What’s more, Mui Wo is BBQ food heaven, aside from the usual supermarkets, there are a couple of barbecue supply stores near the ferry pier selling a huge variety of marinated meats and BBQ-friendly veggies. 

Ma On Shan Country Park
Located in Sai Kung, Ma On Shan Country Park is filled with dramatic landscapes and tons of trails and hikes for nature-lovers! The country park has several BBQ sites: Shui Long Wo, Kei Ling Ha, Nai Chung and Ma On Shan Village. But the ones at Ma On Shan Village and Nai Chung are probably the easiest to access and the most popular for day trips. There aren’t any shops or supermarkets nearby, so you’ll have to be organised and get your barbecue supplies in advance!


You don’t need to break the bank to do meat on the grill in style. There are wet markets all over Hong Kong, and they are a great option to buy super fresh and affordable BBQ food items! Some of our barbecue food favourites include fresh fish, chicken wings, sausages, burgers, hotdogs, skewers, and what BBQ is complete without smores!? However, if the thought of all that organisation and shopping is putting you off (or if you’re just feeling a bit lazy!) let the experts do the BBQ-ing for you! Or at least let them do the hard work (preparing the burger patties, marinating meats, skewering vegetables etc)… here are some great options if you’re looking for some pre-BBQ catering!

Chautari Restaurant
Why not add a little spice to your BBQ? This little Indian restaurant in the Sheung Wan Food Market will prepare Indian-style barbecue food for your next outdoor feast in just a couple of days! All you have to do is pop it on the grill… yum.

Chautari Restaurant, Shop CF6, Food Market, 1 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, 2600 4408, www.chautari.com.hk

Hong Kong Personal ChefHong Kong Personal Chef
The Hong Kong Personal Chefs are the go-to people for high-quality food. And luckily we can enjoy their delicious array of dishes BBQ-style too! Let them prepare your choice of marinated meats, salads and steaks to perfection before delivering them straight to your location (see more info here). Check out their mouth-watering menu here… they even do a vegan menu for all you non-meat eaters! You can also ask the team to stay and not only cook for you, but help transform your chosen BBQ area into a ‘high-end BBQ steak-house’ with tables, chairs, glassware and china (oh, and don’t forget the waiting staff!). This is a great option for those who want to up their barbecue game – especially if you’re staying at home and having people over (check out Invisible Kitchen, Chef Tom Burney’s brand new catering company which also provides BBQs that are better suited for outdoor events/picnics).

Hong Kong Personal Chef, Unit 8, 24th Floor Honour Industrial Centre, 6 Sun Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, 2711 5788, www.hongkongpersonalchef.com

Wagyu Door-to-Door
Wagyu Door-to-Door allows you to order premium Wagyu steaks online and have them delivered right to your front door. From there you can you bring them along to your next BBQ and pop them straight on the grill, easy-peasy! Not only can you order steak, but pork, lamb, seafood and patty packs are also available. Perfect if you’re looking for high quality barbecue goodies… Wagyu is the best beef you can get, so this will surely impress any barbecue guests!

Wagyu Door-to-Door, 22/F, Bupa Centre, 141 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong, 2803 0358, www.wagyudoortodoor.com

Sai Kung Beach ClubSai Kung Beach Club
Try out somewhere different and head to Sai Kung for a unique BBQ experience. The Sai Kung Beach Club offers a dedicated barbecue area that looks out on to the stunning beach and sea. For just $188 (on the weekend) you can eat as much as you want from the range of barbecue dishes on offer (see menu here), and in your own time too. That’s right, there is unlimited food and no set time, so sit back and relax for a whole day and night of BBQ fun!

Sai Kung Beach Club, Shop 9, Sha Ha Village, Tai Mong Tsai Rd, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, 2792 0683, www.skbeach.com.hk

Tai Mei Tuk BBQ King
Here you can order sets (or individual pieces) to BBQ yourself. The barbecue site employees will set up the pit, then the rest is up to you! It’s only $90 per person in the week ($100 on weekends but $90 for groups of three or more) with a $40 surcharge for the BBQ supplies. Feast on their selection of interesting ingredients, from cuttlefish to black pepper chicken to good old sausages – but remember, no outside food or drinks allowed. Also note that the barbecue site is right next to a strawberry farm (check out our Top 5 Organic Farms here), so you can pick organic strawberries (at around $40 per pound) for dessert! The perfect summer treat…

Tai Mei Tuk BBQ King, Lot 17, Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong, 2984 2325, www.taimeitukbbqking.com

BBQ by the beach
Kowloon-siders, head over to Castle Peak Road to enjoy some BBQ fun at ‘BBQ by the beach’. Check out their BBQ food sets, which include a good range of different barbecue foods. This is definitely a BBQ done HK-style, and it’s in a huge setting looking out over the beach. You won’t have to worry about space here – it’s perfect for big groups – and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth when it comes to the amount of food. We love the community vibe… get ready to take part in some beach games!

BBQ by the beach, Lot 253, Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2459 9928

MoriachiMorihachi Yakiniku
This little Japanese BBQ restaurant is perfect for bad weather days. Once you’ve discovered its hard-to-find entrance, you’ll be happy you made the hunt. The beautifully decorated plates are laden with fresh food almost too lovely for you to cook… almost! Each table has a mini grill in the middle and you can order all the meat you want (try the giant king prawns!) and cook it up just how you like it. Think inside BBQ without all the preparation and cleaning up. Smart tip: As with all BBQ dinners, don’t wear your best dress, as the barbecue smoke will cling for a while!

Morihachi Yakiniku, 3/F, Ying Kong Mansion, 2-6 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, 3106 0183, www.morihachi.com.hk


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