Sassy Recommends: Makeup Artist Sarah Baker

We first met Sarah when she did our makeup for the Sassy Launch Party back in September – we needed a little boost of confidence, and her upbeat personality and skillful work made us feel great on our special night.

Sarah has been passionate about makeup since she was very youg. After leaving university she worked in central London as a freelance makeup artist, mainly in fashion. Since leaving London she has worked as a makeup artist in theatres, fashion shows and for many different international magazines, as well as teaching the art of makeup. Sarah’s mission is to show people that anyone can feel like a billion dollars with the minimum effort.

We reached out to Sarah to ask her about her favourite products and tips!

Sassy: What are your real must-have products?
Sarah: My “can’t live with outs” are Mac Plush Lash Mascara – for thick, long and very sexy winter lashes, Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation with SPF 15 (oil free) and La Roche-Posay Hydraphrase Face cream – an inexpensive but high quality skin products from Paris.

Sassy: What is your tip for autumn/winter beauty?
Sarah: Keep skin moisturised and hydrated, and during the party season do not be afraid to try something different with your makeup, even if it is a new lipstick or some pretty false eyelashes. The smallest changes can sometimes make the biggest difference!

Thanks Sarah! You can contact Sarah at [email protected] if you have a special event coming up!

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