2 November, 2015

Sassy Horoscopes For November

2 November, 2015

What’s written in the stars this month?

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Your stars for the month are here! If you love reading your horoscope each month, you might want to check out a new lunar planner from Sassy contributor Kimberly. She’s just launched a fabulous Astrological Calendar for 2016, which tracks the movement of Venus and the moon and gets you better acquainted with the celestial bodies. Helping you look ahead to next year, it’s beautifully illustrated too – the gorgeous gold makes it perfect for Christmas… find out more about it here and read on to discover what lies ahead for you this November.



Whatever aspect of daily life was kicked into touch during October will continue to receive the full force of your attention this month. Whether it’s busying yourself at work, full-on healthy-eating, or working out, you’re finding it easier to stick to your daily rituals. With Mars and Jupiter in the zone of wellbeing, Aries can totally harness bags of stamina. Your focus turns to relationships from the 13th, when both Venus and Mars ride through Libra – your significant ‘other’ sign. November could have you behaving deeply, intimately and ever so passionately (ooh la la!). You also might get a spontaneous urge to travel on the 26th! If you’ve been thinking about signing up to a course outside your day job, now is a great time to embark on extra learning.



For Taurus girls, the first week of November is reserved for fun and frolicking as Venus spends a little bit longer in the sector that’s set aside for romance, flirting and creative expression. Make the most of this vibe; the first week of November could solidify matters that are prevalent for you well into 2016. This may be around relationships or projects that utilise your unique creative vision. After the 13th you can turn into a reliable and stable pair of hands at work, and you have tons of energy to set the wheels in motion. Scorpio season is all about your one-to-ones, so you might be thinking deeply about intimate partnerships – whether you’re single or attached, this is likely to be a hot and steamy time for your romantic life!



Your ruler, Mercury, is travelling at pace and driving you forward at work – make the most of this progressive momentum, it could be the busiest time of the year for you but totally in a good way. The end of the month provides great ground to take stock of your latest achievements. Afford yourself a moment of serious reflection in the early hours of the 26th, when the full moon shines a spotlight on fabulous you! It might be worth setting your alarm early so you have time to run through proud moments from these past six months. They don’t have to be big in anyone else’s eyes, they can simply be reasons why you’re thankful to be you. Give yourself a pat on the back, Twins!




Creative juices are flowing for Cancer chicks this month; you can excel in artistic pursuits and if the situation calls for it, simply step up to the plate – you’ll have fun so crack open the paint pot, deck the halls or simply lead a project at work that’s desperate for input from your sensitive soul. Romance could be warming the Cancerian cockles this month too. Bat your lashes and say yes to blind dates, dinner dates, lunch dates – just get out there and enjoy (reactive that account, Tindrella! Or get on one of these dating apps). HK may be cooling off but your inbox could be hotting up! Manifest the man of your dreams on the 11th, or think about what’s next on the agenda when it comes to your sense of enjoyment – now’s the time to pick up a favourite hobby or stretch your imagination in the workplace…



Leo could be in the frame of mind to nest in November, yet you’re also thirsting to connect with people, chat and be social. Beware of homesickness if you’re away from family and your best buddies. Strike the right balance with get-togethers at home, or meet up with friends in settings that are comforting and nurturing – don’t say nay to a spa day! Have no FOMO luscious Leo, as by the last week of the month you’re in the mindset to party. From the 23rd you’ll be out and about on top form. A star date for the diary is Wednesday 25 November, when the sociable full moon in Gemini connects you to your tribe. Make sure you go out in a group, but bearing in mind it’s midweek, this could end up being a team or new network of yours, your people.



It’s all happening in your world now Virgo – you’re blowing up! Hopefully, recent celestial activity hasn’t had you overwhelmed – bountiful Jupiter moved into your sign, which is lucky for some but others may have found themselves more in the public eye (overly active Insta-posting anyone?!). Big opportunities may have presented themselves… Let’s trust you noticed the goodies. You have just over a week of beauty and money planet Venus gracing your sign before she gets to work on delivering her gifts. Note that you may simply need to speak up on matters around finance – do put your mind into gear and sift through your banking, collect what’s owed, think about why your contribution could warrant a raise – then ask for it.



It’s a great month to go for what you want Libra, and guess what? You’ll get it. Both Venus and Mars move into your sign during November and by the 13th you’re equipped with the right conditions to make mountains move, as if by magic. The plans and projects you have underway and behind the scenes will benefit from this strong sense of direction now; you’re really sensing what you want, what you value, and where you’ll best contribute your personal brand of lovely. You can really think about finances now too, as Mercury is moving swiftly through your money house giving you a boost of brainpower – get stuck in, balance the books and move on.



Happy birthday to the Scorp sisters! Oh so sultry, you’re usually not one to revel in the limelight, and this year is no exception. Your energy could be naturally directed towards more meditative activities like yoga and a bit of deep healing – dreams seem so significant now, including day dreams. Tune into your subconscious for powerful clues on how to spend your energies over the next few years, and if life calls for healing then do make that call (listen to the new Adele song if you want to know how that’s done!). Your mind could be busily in overdrive throughout the month, you’ll feel centre stage (being birthday month and all) but don’t feel obliged to be ‘on show’. You’ll be much more in the mood to sparkle come December, at those Christmas occasions…



Say yes to all those lovely social invites this month Saggy – join that sports team or head out with the hiking group! You can have some sweet moments among a crowd of lovely ladies as you might feel particularly supported by women now. You’ve got a lot of drive for work matters too, an area that’s blooming throughout the next year for you. The full moon later in November shines its light on your partnerships, a great time to feel smug about all the good points of your significant other. If you’re not coupled up, make a list of reasons to be cheerful about best friends or the people that are there for you.



It’s a sociable time for Capricorn as November promises activity in groups and networks – if you’re not part of a scene, just join in! You’re on quite the journey now and there are reserves of energy at your disposal to launch you on your new path. Career matters are looking sweet this month and you can really shine in the workplace – it’s as if you can do no wrong! Use the next few weeks to refresh your public image, update that profile picture or LinkedIn as you’ll have a positive impact among peers. Serious plans are underway for Capricorns as Saturn is taking his turn in your subconscious – you’re all about the metaphorical to-do list ‘behind the scenes’. It’s happening for you, slowly but surely!



Hello Ms. Professional! The stars have got you all systems go on the career front, as your work reputation and public standing is highlighted this month. Scorp season is truly the time to shine for Aquarius (which means you’ll be more than ready to party come the 23rd November…). You’ll be thinking strategically and stealthily this month, so contemplate your long term ambitions on the 11th – a fantastic day to set intentions for the next six months as far as your work goals go. A written outline could be a powerful motivation tool. You are getting financial matters refined now and this month could really see you organise matters typically beneath the surface. Good news – a sociable full moon falls in your romance sector on the 25th – kisses!



A long period of fog is about to be lifted – your ruler Neptune turns direct this month after a hella long retrograde stint – since mid June! Finally your personal life is going to feel a little less confusing, that goes for relationship-ville too (happy dance!). There is a lot of activity in the area of your horoscope governing travel and wanderlust – you’re in the right frame of mind to be leaving town or alternatively, start researching far flung destinations for a December getaway… If the journey you’re looking to embark upon is even bigger, contemplate it as a real possibility on the 11th. Conditions are right to sew a seed for a new adventure.

Lead image sourced via Pinterest, Horoscope images by Prince Lauder from Vogue Mexico, sourced via Star Sign Style.

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