6 July, 2010

Sassy Girl of the Month – Stuti Modi

6 July, 2010

We always love hearing about the fun, creative and inspiring things our members keep themselves busy with so we decided to start a Sassy Girl of the Month feature on our site! Each month we will be featuring a different Sassy Girl and giving you the down low on why we think she is so cool.

If you would like to be a Sassy Girl of the Month email us at [email protected] (include “Sassy Girl of the Month” in the subject heading) and let us know what you are up to!  A picture or two is most appreciated as well!

Meet our July Sassy Girl
Our very first Sassy Girl of the Month is fashion designer Stuti Modi. Stuti recently launched her clothing brand here in Hong Kong and we love how she never wants to just blend into the crowd!

What made you start your own fashion line?
A:  I always wanted to stand out in a crowd, to make a statement with clothes, so I always added a personal touch to clothes that I bought. Eventually my friends wanted me to do the same for them!  That’s how I started to make entire outfits out of interesting fabrics.  One time though, I had bought a really expensive dress from a designer in India, but when I walked into the party there was another girl wearing the exact same dress!!   That was when I thought, “women need to feel special in the clothes they buy,” and began to come up with one-of-a-kind designs.

What inspires you most when creating a new collection?
A:  The Inspiration is different each time.  For S/S 2010 it was the Indian God of Love “Kanha”. The layers suggest the depth of love, while the knots, twists and turns in the fabrics show that love aint easy!

What is your favourite piece from your new collection?
A:  My Favourite is a really fun dress with all kinds of twists…because I don’t like it easy!  🙂

What type of girl wears a Stuti Modi piece?
A: Women in their mid-20’s to mid-40’s of all races, creed and color.  A woman who wears a Stuti Modi piece is busy and enjoys living her life while looking gorgeous!  People stop and look when she enters the party; she is amused yet loves the attention.  😉

What is your must have fashion essential?
A:  The perfect pair of black stilettos!

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