Sassy Addresses: Island Beverley

Not exactly a well-kept secret, you’ll share this mall with half of Hong Kong’s fashion-forward teens if you make the mistake of going on a weekend or after school hours! Island Beverly is popular with good reason though – floor after floor of tiny boutiques crammed with funky shoes, accessories and clothes. It can feel a little headache-inducing spiraling round the cramped corridors and riding the narrow escalators, but sticking with it you will get your fashion rewards! A lot of the merchandise is imported Japanese and Korean brands, at a whole range of price points though generally very reasonable.

Today we saw a lot of chain necklaces, studded bags of all kinds and punky goth t-shirts. A great way to try out the new season trends without getting too committed! One word of warning – often the boutiques don’t have fitting rooms and aren’t willing to let you try pieces on, so be prepared to guestimate your size!

One stand-out store we loved with SUCH cool necklaces and fun vintage-style hair bands and brooches from Korea was Image Code, which is Shop 260 on the 2nd Floor.
Island Beverley
1 Great George Street (Opposite Sogo)
Causeway Bay
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