17 December, 2010

Pure’s New Year Inspiration Pack

17 December, 2010

Some days I wish I wasn’t member of Pure. Please don’t read this the wrong way though because I absolutely LOVE the brand and can be found either at Pure Fitness SoHo, Pure Yoga Centrium or Pure Restaurant on a very regular basis.

What I mean by my first statement is that I get a tiny bit jealous of all the ‘non-cardholders’ running around town because they get to experience some pretty great perks that are offered to entice new member signups. Take for instance Pure’s latest promotion, which has got my jealousy barometer sky high.

The New Year Inspiration Pack is chock-full with fitness goodies that will surely help with melting those holiday pounds away. For $2,000 Pure is offering:

– 1-month pass for all Pure Fitness* and Pure Yoga locations

– Three sessions of Personal Training (fitness) or Private Yoga

– $300 Pure Dining voucher

– $300 Pure Retail voucher

– Guest Passes for your friends

– $2,000 rebate when you join Pure

The Private Yoga sessions and $300 Pure Retail voucher is the one that tipped me over the edge in terms of the green-eyed monster. I would kill to have some one-on-one sessions and I have my eye on a number of lululemon yoga tops at the moment so the voucher would definitely come in handy.

If you are a very lucky ‘non-cardholder’ or if you are already a member and want to purchase this as a Christmas gift for your ‘non-cardholder’ friend then click here to reserve your inspiration pack!

*Terms & Conditions apply. The offer is only valid for a limited time and it is available at all Pure locations except Pure Fitness Two ifc.

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