5 May, 2011

Pieces of Flare

5 May, 2011

There have been some changes to my life recently that have resulted in me going on an intense hunt for some new denim.

One – I have started a new job in a new office and for the first time in over 6 years, I am able to wear jeans to work on Friday’s.
Two – I have realised that I have not bought new jeans since 2009 (J Brand skinny’s in indigo) and unless you are Kate Moss, wearing skinny tight jeans and heels past the age of 30 might not be so cool anymore, especially in the office.

Over the last 10 years, we have all witnessed the “denim invasion”. Hundreds of new designer jeans labels flooding the market, all offering a multitude of benefits, cuts, fits, bootie shaping etc…. that has left me totally bamboozled and confused when it comes to buying denim – hence I have just stopped buying them altogether.

However since I now get to dress down on Friday’s, I must make the most of it. So after spending hours trying on many styles and cuts and flicking through various magazines, I finally decided on some flares. I made my way to Indigo and found myself a lovely pair of Kasil denim “trouser” cut flares in dark blue. I figured that this was the most age appropriate style for the office while still keeping things on trend. I have to admit, this did feel a bit strange as I have always worn tight jeans because they do look good, but to be honest, I have never found them to be that comfortable. Especially with the HK humidity, nothing worse than having spray on jeans and sweating at the same time. So I have grown up and made the switch to a more tailored fit!

Some rules if you are looking to get some flares for the summer:

1. Always wear with high heels (unless you are Giselle tall and have endless legs), flares can shorten your “length” if worn with flats. This trend works great with the chunky wooden heels we are seeing at the moment

2. Stick to a plain and simple top to keep the style looking fresh and modern

3. Make sure that the length is long so that it just covers your shoes without touching the ground, this will elongate your legs and makes you look taller !


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