12 December, 2014
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Easy as banoffee pie with Piece of Cake!

12 December, 2014

So, we’ve had a couple of visits from the master chefs over at Piece of Cake and we’re all raving about their amazing baked goods here in the office. If you’ve got a discerning sweet tooth, you’re in for an absolute treat. They’re new to the bakery scene in Hong Kong, but Piece of Cake are certainly ones to watch in our books…

At the moment, they have a somewhat limited menu, but as the old adage goes ‘it’s not about quantity but quality’. Luckily for Hong Kong, there’s quality to spare with Piece of Cake’s creations, including good old favourites like banoffee pie, quirky cakepops and a positively indulgent six layer chocolate cake (with an unexpectedly crunchy base!). We had the opportunity to try both the salted caramel brownies and the banoffee pie and, needless to say, the office was silent with the sound of satisfied munching.


First of all, we tried their signature brownies. Unlike regular brownies, these were super fudgy (in fact, we were told to keep them in the fridge) and filled with surprising yet delectable pockets of salted caramel. Even some of the Sassy Girls who had sworn off sugar couldn’t resist a bite; the sweetness of the chocolate is balanced perfectly by the savoury tang of the caramel and makes for a complex culinary journey from start to finish. If you’re looking to finish a whole tray however, you might need to invite the girls round as they’re incredibly rich and very filling. It’s great that Piece of Cake seems to be aware of this: each brownie was individually packaged in a clear plastic pocket with the company’s vintage-inspired logo sticker sealing it shut.


A few days later, Piece of Cake returned with a banoffee pie – the banoffee pie to end all banoffee pies. It looked almost too good to eat, with a thick biscuit crust, nearly an inch of fresh cream and chocolate shavings sprinkled artfully across the top. Unfortunately on the way over, someone had smashed into the cake box and that’s why the crust is slightly cracked in the photograph, but the taste more than made up for that.

I immediately noticed how thick the pie was (to be fair, I’m used to shoddily crafted banoffee pies made by hungover friends at university) and didn’t really know what to expect. Then we cut into the pie and my world was forever changed.


Skimp is a word that is just not in Piece of Cake’s dictionary. As you can see from my slice, there was no thin layering of banana slices and watery caramel here. I have no idea how many bananas were sacrificed so that this beautiful creation could live, but there were whole quarters of fresh banana layered throughout the pie, which brought a lightness to the heavier cream and incredible, firm biscuit base. I’ve already ranted and raved about their salted caramel, so I was absolutely delighted to find that the generous centimetre of toffee tucked under the stacks of fruit had a similar kick to it. Tucking into my slice was slightly intimidating as it was so tall (I didn’t know where to begin!) but once I started, I was desperate for more!


Sometimes with sweets (and especially with caramel), a lot of bakeries will get it wrong and they’ll leave artificial, cloying aftertastes. There was nothing of the sort with Piece of Cake’s homemade products and you could taste the quality with every bite; they use only top of the line ingredients like Varlhona chocolate and imported French cream and butter to create their indulgent masterpieces. We were excited to discover that they even do adorable customisable cakepops and oohed and ahhed over their animal themed ones, which would be great options for birthday parties and weddings. We don’t know what else the sweet minded bakers at Piece of Cake will come up with next, but we can assure you, we’ll definitely be first in line.

To order from Piece of Cake, email order@pieceofcakehk.com. See their full menu here.

Piece of Cake, 80 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong, www.pieceofcakehk.com, Facebook, Instagram: @pieceofcakehk



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