8 September, 2010
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Pawn to Rock at The Pawn

8 September, 2010

Tonight at The Pawn there is going to be a bit less obsessive blackberry checking from a number of Hong Kong CEO’s. For one night, they will be putting down their phones, stop checking their emails and let loose as they rock out at The Pawn’s monthly, Pawn to Rock event. The music night will showcase bands fronted by CEO’s and on its inaugural evening there will be 3 bands showing you they have what it takes to rock the boardroom and the stage.

Any groupie needs to know about the band so here is a bit of an intro on who is who. We are personally looking forward to seeing Uranus as we are big fans of E! News and can’t wait to see Dominic Lau on the drums!

Uranus: The five members of this celebrity rock band include Dominic Lau, the face of E! Entertainment Asia, on drums: and Tigergate CEO William Pfeiffer on vocals. Other members include Ocean Vistafilms CEO Craig Leeson, Siren Films CEO Ed Bean, and Branded CEO Jasper Donat. Uranus’ seminal releases include Asia Rocks and Alive Again. Their debut album, Plugged, is currently being recorded.

Lone Star Radio: As the headline band for the SLASH (ex-guitarist of Guns and Roses, now gone solo) concert in Hong Kong, Lone Star Radio is working on their debut album. The band consists of teacher Philip Daryl Emond (guitar and vocals), recording engineer Chris Collins (guitar and bg’s), hedge fund manager Matt Cartwright (drums and bg’s) and Barclays Capital broker Alex Majoni on bass. Formed just over a year ago, the group roams from Bo Diddly to Zep Esque dirges, 60’s psychedelic and even ‘80s new wave.

The Vibes: Mixing rock standards with pop sensibilities, The Vibes are five long-term UK expats headed by Mark Rawson, Henley Group CEO, Jane Archibald, Nigel Stamp, Mark Basford and Jim Alba-Duiggnan. The band have been headline acts at the Annual Picnic in the Park festival in Discovery Bay, participated in the CLOCK festival and a supporting band for the YRock project.

Pawn to Rock at The Pawn kicks off at 9pm on 8 September 2010.

The Pawn
62 Johnston Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
2866 3444

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