22 January, 2016
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One Minden Tapas Kitchen – Spanish Brunch in TST

22 January, 2016

A brand new brunch spot on Kowloon side

If you fancy veering off the well-worn Eggs Benedict path and dipping your toe in the pool of alternative brunching, then One Minden Tapas Kitchen might just be your perfect match. With Executive Chef Antonia Moran raised and trained in Andalucia (the true home of tapas), this trendy restaurant certainly has authenticity tucked under its belt.



Located in TST, the shabby chic décor at One Minden Tapas creates a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for a casual brunch. Natural light comes pouring in through the large windows, making it the perfect space for leisurely, weekend dining and a welcome escape from Hong Kong’s high-rise chaos.



Sangria is definitely the star of the show at One Minden, with both classic and jazzy concoctions on offer. First to take the stage was the Signature Sangria which looked and tasted absolutely divine. With its fruity flavours and smooth red wine undertones, it was the perfect brunching partner. Similarly, the Pink Lychee Sangria is well suited to the brunching scene. Light, refreshing and divine on the eyes – what more could you ask for? Checking in at $78-$98 per sizeable glass, I will definitely be skipping back to TST for another dose of Sangria heaven.



One Minden has made an effort to nod towards brunching conventions, with eggs, sardines and other classics featuring on its special weekend menu. Without doubt, my favourite dish of the morning was the Broken Egg with Chorizo, which comes nestled in a rather cute potato basket. If the presentation isn’t enough to win you over (apparently I’m a sucker for intricately woven carbohydrates) then the perfectly runny yolk is sure to seal the deal. The Pork & Cheese Rolls were oozy and the Seafood Paella, though lacking in seasoning in my opinion, wasn’t around for long.

Now, I’m probably the biggest fan of squid you’ll ever come across, yet even for me the Stuffed Baby Squid proved a little too alternative as a brunch dish. Similarly, I felt that the Piquillo Peppers, with their cool cod filling, would be better suited to an evening meal.

However my New Year’s Resolutions went soaring out of the window when a basket of Churros with Cinnamon Sugar arrived on the table. They were so light and fluffy, I had no option but to reschedule my health kick to the following Monday.


I’m still not entirely convinced that tapas fits the brunching bill, but for lunch, dinner and everything in between, One Minden is definitely one to consider. The all-you-can-eat brunch is available between 11:30am – 3pm on weekends and holidays, checking in at $278 per person (free flow drinks set you back an additional $198 per head). With regards to the Sangria, however, I was totally won over. Plus I spied some exciting dishes on their main menu, promising both flavour and a performance (flaming chorizo roasted live at your table? Yes please!) which I would love to try next time. Happy brunching ladies!

One Minden Tapas Kitchen, G/F 1 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tel: 2722 1707, www.oneminden.com.hk

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